10 Hair Care Secrets From Women Who Live All Around The World

Written by Niharika Nayak

There is something hopeful in knowing that people around the world are pretty similar, even though they use different methods to solve problems. Even with cultural and social differences, it’s all about a healthy head of hair in this compilation of beautiful and diverse women. If you are someone who loves to travel and try out different hair care tips on your hair, then this is the article for you. Every country out there has its own unique and exciting hair care tips that lead to them having beautiful hair. You really do not have to travel across the globe to incorporate some international hair tips into your hair care routine. Women in South America like to try more daring feats to get rid of their split ends, and women from India like to use oil derived from coconuts to nourish their hair. So let’s look at some exciting hair care tips from across the world that would do well in our own hair care routine:

1. Brazilian Women Burn Off Their Hair Tips

Brazil is a country where beautiful, thick, and dark hair is highly valued, and the idea of Brazilian beauty is well coveted across the globe. In Brazil, many women like to use chemical treatments and heating irons to straighten their hair, which can cause quite severe damage. Hence, to reverse the damage that is caused by this, hairstylists will use a procedure called “velaterapia”. This is a procedure where the hairstylist uses flames from a candle or lighter to burn off the split ends. This will cauterize your hair to hold in moisture and hydration. A word of advice, however, is that you DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Better to let the experts handle it.

2. Jamaicans Like To Use Oil Derived From Cacti

Jamaicans Like To Use Oil Derived From Cacti


One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to maintaining frizz-free hair in the Caribbean is the intense heat present in that area. Women who live in that area have a very adaptive tradition that includes using cactus oil to make their hair look shiny and smooth. Cactus oil offers a wide array of benefits, including smoothening your hair, and adding softness and shine into it. Cactus oil also contains B5 vitamins and omega fatty acids that are wonderful for hair growth (1).

3. French Women Do Not Enjoy Using Heat Tools

French Women Do Not Enjoy Using Heat Tools


Women in Paris have gorgeous hair because they like to keep their hair natural. French women prefer to ditch the heat tools used to straighten their hair and avoid curlers as well. In fact, they prefer avoiding all kinds of heat tools when it comes to their hair care. They prefer to let their hair dry naturally or like to tousle their hair with their fingers right before they leave their homes. The maximum use of the product would be a sitting spray or a finishing serum. Talk about all-naturale! The result looks chic and casual, with minimum breakage and damage.

4. “Yucca” Is Used To Keep The Hair Of Amazonian Women Clean

“Yucca” Is Used To Keep The Hair Of Amazonian Women Clean


“Yucca” is a root vegetable that is found in tropical regions throughout the Latin American region. It is used as a natural hair cleanser for the scalp and hair. Women in the Amazon region, in particular, can successfully fight against the humidity and heat thanks to this root. The nutrient root’s seed oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants (2). It prevents potential hairfall, makes your hair shine and sparkle and is very effective for treating a dry scalp.

5. Argan Oil – A Moroccan Staple

Argan Oil Is A Favorite Of Moroccan Women


Argan oil is known for its glossy and smoothening properties. It is trending for all the right reasons but Moroccan women have been using it way before it started trending. Also known as liquid gold, argan oil is grown in Morocco and is sometimes called “The Moroccan Oil”. Due to this, argan oil is one of the rarest and most valued oils in the world. It is enriched with Vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Women in Morocco have gorgeous hair because they thrive off using this oil.

6. Women From West Africa Love Using Shea Butter In Their Hair

Women From West Africa Love Using Shea Butter In Their Hair


African hair types are very thick, dense and curly. So they need a strong agent to soothe their hair. You’ve probably heard of the numerous benefits of shea butter for skin, especially when it comes to reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars, but did you know of its hair benefits? The nutritious ingredient is extracted from the seeds of a tree called Vitellaria Paradoxa and is native to the West African region (3). Shea butter has been popularly used and ingrained in West African beauty culture for many years now and is used in many ways like an overnight hair mask, a deep conditioning treatment, or more.

7. Australian Women Use An Ample Amount Of Hair Sunscreen

Australian Women Use An Ample Amount Of Hair Sunscreen


Women who live in Australia have to deal with an excruciating amount of heat during the summer months. So it is no surprise that most of the women living there like to protect their hair and use sunscreen. These essential hair sunscreens can also help women with curly and wavy hair control their levels of frizz while outdoors.

8. Camellia Oil Is A Popular Hair Care Staple Among Japanese Women

Camellia Oil Is A Popular Hair Care Staple Among Japanese Women


For many years, women in Japan have enjoyed using camellia oil in their hair after they’ve washed it as a leave-in conditioner. This oil is known for being fantastic for hair growth, and many Japanese women thank it for their silky, long, and smooth hair. The women who harvest their oil are apparently famous for having soft long hair that grows to their feet and glowing skin as they use oil from the nut that they have harvested.

9. Avocado Hair Masks. Colombia-Approved!

Women Living In Colombia Like To Use Avocado Hair Masks


It is one thing to post scrumptious pictures of avocado-laden breakfast on social media and another to use as it is an excellent haircare ingredient. All you gotta do is take inspiration from Colombian grannies. Separate two egg whites and mix it with crushed avocado. Apply as a hair mask and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. This hair mask acts as a brilliant deep conditioner and leaves your hair silky-smooth and shiny.

10. Lastly, Some Desi Advice (Indian Women)

Lastly, Some Desi Advice (Indian Women)


Nothing beats the luscious wavy locks that make up for such a big part of our culture, personality as well as physical appearance. Apart from the age-old coconut oil therapy, it’s all about the right hair care practices. Like avoiding hot water for your hair. It drys your hair, removing the shine from natural black hair. Opt for ayurvedic products like henna, amla and saffron.

These haircare secrets are evidence that we are all just divided by borders. Whether you are following your mum’s advice or hunting YouTube for proper haircare tutorials, all you need to is identify the right one for your hair type. Look for social groups related to haircare where you are likely to find diverse women with many tips. You don’t have to go on a world tour to learn the beauty secrets employed by various nationalities across the globe. Do try some of these hair care tricks for yourself and see if it helps improve the quality and quantity of your hair. Please let us know all of your thoughts on this article in the comment section below!


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