Only 3% Of The People Have The Letter X On Both Their Hands – Here’s What It Means If You Have It

Written by Emaan Shah

According to legends, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

 Well, to be fair, I actually ripped that one from Shakespeare’s comedy, Twelfth Night. But mentioning this would just kill the epic-fantasy-drama tone we’ve got going on here now, wouldn’t it? So hush.

Getting back to the rather iconic quote. There is something thrilling about the idea of those who are fated to be born great right from their very birth. What if the extraordinary individuals who pop up every century or so and leave a lasting impact on the hearts, minds, and souls of millions… what if these remarkable human beings could be identified in some physical way?

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What if the universe had chosen to drop us a hint regarding those mortals in whose kismet lays immortality by deeds and actions?

Yes, I do realize that’s a lot of what ifs.

Now, hold up. If you roll your eyes that hard, you’re going to hurt yourself (read: sarcasm). I very well understand that when it comes to the occult and divination, most people are skeptics. Heck, I am too. For the most part, I am usually the Hermione to your Sybill Trelawney.

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But if we cold, hard empiricists are honest with ourselves, there is something rather fascinating in the belief that a higher power has marked a few of us with a “Destined To Be Awesome” tattoo.

And according to a viral Internet story, apparently, this cosmic tattoo has been there all along right before our very eyes, in our…  palms? There is an alleged ‘STI university’ located in Moscow, Russia, that is currently in the process of researching a study titled, “X palm mystery and Spirit Science formula”. Yes, it hurts my little scientist soul even to type this.

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But putting aside the dubious name and nature of the study, the supposed research team’s endeavor is undeniably intriguing. Apparently, they’ve studied the palms and personal histories of close to a shocking “2 million people throughout the world” to try and discern if there is a link between the innocuous letter X in the lines of both the palms and the potential destiny of these subjects.

They claim the ‘X’ marker on palms is a positively prehistoric approach of gauging the destiny that can be dated back to the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks. These folks would utilize this method to foresee a mortal’s future. Allegedly, the last acknowledged historical record of this method was mentioned in the era of the Alexander III of Macedon, or as history remembers him, Alexander the Great.

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The respected oracles at that time, who were frequently consulted by the royal household, had actually foretold that Alexander was fated to become a great leader purely on the basis of the fact that he carried 2 prominent Xs in the lines of both his palms, or at least so the story goes.

If your palms are itching for scrutiny of any potential greatness, go ahead and take a look. Evidently, each X is supposed to lie between the heart line and head line on both palms. The trick is that the ends of each X must touch both above-mentioned lines. Only then will you be amongst the alleged 3% of people to possess this peculiarity.

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The STI University goes on to claim that amongst the double Xs hall of fame, are the beloved American president Abraham Lincoln and also the current Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Those who possess the letter Xs on both their palms are said to have the strongest of characters with a destiny too powerful for an ordinary individual to fulfill. Such individuals do not require a playbook for prosperity like the rest of us; instead, success follows them wherever they go. They are chosen to leave behind a legacy for all of mankind. For them, time waits patiently to unfold their Herculean destiny that, like the great tombs of pharaohs, shall forever lay immortalized in the memory of humanity.

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These chosen few individuals are unique and possess a magnetic aura that simply draws those around them like moths to a flame. They are charismatic, ambitious, decisive, and known to be revolutionary in their thought. They hold a strong set of personal ideals that they can fight tirelessly after, and win. These chosen folks are also gifted in their ability to play diplomat and have a special talent for words. They often inspire people with their words and deeds, and though the society usually labels them in their youth as unrealistic dreamers, they eventually and inevitably prove the naysayers wrong.

If you happen to have an X residing between your heart and head lines on each palm, congratulations! You indeed are very special. But always remember, chosen one – with great power comes great responsibility.

Yes, I did just steal that from Spiderman. Oh well.

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