According To Psychologists, Couples Who Argue Love Each Other More! Here’s Why

By Chandrama Deshmukh

No relationship can ever be perfect. Almost every relationship has its own bumps and stops. However, these are masked by the power of love during the blooming stages of the relationship. There comes a time in every relationship when the power of love can no longer cloak the negative aspects of the relationship. When this time comes, couples start to reveal their true colors as neither half wants to hold back and take the blame. The word compromise is tossed out of the couple’s dictionary quicker than the time it took for them to fall in love. All that is prominent in the relationship now is the constant arguing. Does this mean that the couple is reaching its twilight period? Is there no chance of there being any happiness or love in their relationship anymore?

Of course not! Despite the fact that it may seem that a couple cannot stand each other’s behavior any longer, psychologically speaking it is a great sign for the relationship. According to experts, when argument enters a couple’s lives, they reach a new height of love in their relationship. Couples that argue on a daily basis do not loathe each other. On the contrary, the mere fact that they are able to be themselves in a relationship and not hold back from hiding their true feelings from their significant other proves that they have reached a whole new level in their relationship.

Below Are 5 Reasons Why Couples That Argue A Lot Truly Love Each Other 

1. Arguing Is A Sign of Comfort In A Relationship 


When couples nervously converse with each other, it is not a sign of love. In fact, it is a sign of fear. Couples that are nervous to voice their opinions to each other are afraid that their other half may take offense and end their relationship. When a couple has their first argument, it is at the time when both members of the relationship know how their choice of words will affect their significant other. They are aware that no matter how heated a discussion will get with their partner, it will not end in a dramatic break-up.

2. Couples Who Argue Are More Passionate About Their Relationship


Couples that argue tend to get excited by this ‘new’ stimulus in their relationship. According to a psychologist, this phenomenon is referred to as ‘arousal transfer.’ Put into simple words, the first stimulus that arouses a couple in a relationship is the deep love and passion they share for each other. Once a couple reaches that stage in their relationship when they argue with each other, it acts as another stimulus that tends to give the couple an equally intense response. At the end of that intense negative response lays even more passion in a couple’s relationship. That is the science behind the term ‘arousal transfer.’

3. Argument In A Relationship Is A Sign That Couples Want To Solve Indifferences And Reach Solutions


According to Dr. John Gottman, there are different types of couples (1). There are couples that choose to avoid conflicts and maintain neutrality in a relationship by validating each other’s behavior. These couples may look like they are in a healthy relationship on the face of it. However, they are unable to solve differences and reach conclusions since they still feel fear in their relationship. More successful couples are those that do not hold back their emotions in a relationship. These couples are always able to reach conclusions no matter how heated their discussions may get.

4. Couples Who Argue Are Able To Learn More About Each Other


Without argument, couples are unable to witness a totally different side of their partners. People are able to demonstrate a three-dimensional personality in a relationship if they are not afraid to confront their partner on various matters. Once the argument is over, your partner is able to realize that you do not have a ‘flat character’ but instead have real depth in your personality. This causes them to become more attracted to you like a magnet.

5. Argument In A Strong Relationship Becomes Intuitive


The same way that love becomes primitive in a strong relationship, an argument in a relationship proves that a couple has reached an emotionally deeper place in their relationship. As your love for your partner deepens, so does your emotional bond with them. This means that with you expressing your emotions, positive or negative, becomes intuitive. The argument in a relationship is a sign that a couple has reached a much deeper place in their relationship, a place where love and anger can coexist.

Although it can never be pleasant to fight with your significant other, it is important that you vent out your frustrations rather than letting them build up inside of you and affecting your mental health and relationship. Only once you truly share a strong emotional bond with your partner, you would be willing to let them witness your other side.

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