19 Household Items You Didn’t Realize Had Expiration Dates

By Tanya Arora

It’s okay if you think some things never die. After all, most of the thingsyou use at home really don’t havean expiration date. I mean, you don’t see ‘best before May 2020′ written on the back of your comb, or ‘use by Dec 2018′ on your shower curtains. No, these are meant to last forever. You are supposed to use them till they’re torn or broken, right? Nope. Turns out almost everything has a shelf-life. Even those things you never thought would! Here are 19 of them that’ll blow your mind.

1. Pillows: 2 To 3 Years


Your childhood pillows are not going to see you through your adult years! Especially not after the abuse they’ve been through. Best send them off to an early retirement lest you want neck pain and allergies.

2. Slippers: 6 Months

Not changing your bathroom slippers is the reason why you got that fungal infection on your foot. These slippers catch and spread all kinds of germs, and even need regular cleaning sessions in their short lifespan.

3. Sponges And Shower Poufs: 2 Weeks And 6 Months


Well, they take all of your dirt away, so they’re bound to get dirty themselves and consequently spread infections. You should clean them in hot water to prevent health hazards.

4. Towel: 1 Year

Anyway, beyond a year your towel would become threadbare. If you want to maintain yours though, make sure you wash it regularly.

5. Toothbrush: 3 Months


This is one we all know.Yet, we never bother throwing our toothbrushes out till the bristles are absolutely bent and broken. In fact, you should change yours after you recover from a cold even if it hasn’t been 3 months.

6. Hydrogen Peroxide: 2 Months

Unsealed hydrogen peroxide can turn into water in two months anyway so you should use it before that (1). You can store the sealed version for up to 1 year though.

7. Hairbrush: 1 Year


Cleaning you hairbrush at least once a week is must if you don’t want dirt to accumulate on your freshly shampooed hair. Boar bristle brushes should be thrown out every 7 months.

8. Perfume: 1 To 3 Years

You’ll be surprised to know that deos and perfumes come without an expiry date. However, you should know that when sealed, you cankeep them for 3 years and for 2 years if the seal is broken.

9. Pacifier: 2 To 5 Weeks


Most pacifiers are made of latex and you absolutely must replace them within two to five weeks as those germs entering your baby’s mouth are not worth it.

10. Child Car Seats: 6 To 10 Years

Even if the seatbelt works just fine, you should still throw it out afterthe specified period to prevent accidents and ensure maximum safety for your children.

11. Bras: 1 To 2 Years


Your favorite one might be really hard to throw out, but you’ve got to let it go even though the straps have not started cutting into your skin yet.

12. Running Shoes: 1 Year

Yes, your shoes look fine and could probably last you a couple of years more. But the regular abuse they go through can spell doom for your joints, so throw them out before your medical bills increase!

13. Spices: 1 To 3 Years


Depending on the type of spice, you should throw them outafterthe given timeframe. Unfortunately, ground spices need to be discarded sooner (6 months).

14. Flour: 6 To 12 Months

If you’re using first-grade flour, you can onlykeep it for 6 months. However, if you’re using high-grade flour, you can use it for a year.

15. Fire Extinguisher: 15 Years


15 years maybe the limit, but you may need to throw it out sooner if the extinguisher becomes damaged. So, keep checking for signs such as dents, leaks, etc.

16. Power Strips: 1 To 2 Years

Don’t mean to alarm you, but if you continue using the same switches and strips, you could burn your entire house down ifthe capacity of the strip has been exceeded.

17. Disinfectants: 3 Months


To put it simply, disinfectants lose their disinfecting powers after 3 months, so there’s really no point using them.

18. Mosquito Repellents: 2 Years

The same rule applies to mosquito repellents as it does to disinfectants. So if you thought the mosquitos in your house had become immune, think again.

19. Water Filters For Pitchers: Date Mentioned On The Packaging


While different brands may show different dates, the difference between them is barely worth noting. If you exceed the datementioned on the packaging, you’d be drinking dirty water assuming that it’s clean and safe for consumption.

If most of these items have crossed their expiration date in your home, it’s time you bidthem adieu with a heavy heart and turn your home into a safer and healthier place to live in.

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