How Often Do You Clean These Items? After Reading This Article, You Will Want To Clean Them As Soon As Possible

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh

House cleaning may be one of the things you absolutely hate, but you should know that’s a necessary evil: the devil’s task that you have to carry out day in and day out for almost. Every. Single. Day. Of. Your. Life. While you focus on cleaning the more important things in your house such as the dishes, the floor, and your bed, you often ignore those little things that desperately need some TLC (tender loving cleaning!). These are the things that need your attention!

1. Washing Machine/Dishwasher

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Your dishes and clothes are not the only things that need a good wash. The machines you wash them in need it too! These machines accumulate a lot of debris in the form of cloth fiber or leftover food as well as soap. To clean them, soak a cloth in vinegar and wipe the exteriors. For the inside, use a mixture of vinegar and sodium bicarbonate in a 4:1 solution.

2. Toothbrush Holder 

This one is so commonly ignored even though it’s in plain sight at least twice a day! Your toothbrush holder needs to be kept clean for the sake of oral hygiene. Cleaning the holder is very easy though. You just have to soak it in hot, soapy water and give it a good scrub.

3. Shower Curtain

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Come on! You bathe in there every day. Don’t you expect it to be covered in shampoo, soap and dead skin cells? You’re technically coming out dirtier after a shower if you don’t clean your shower curtains regularly. The best way to clean heavy shower curtains is to throw them in the washing machine. As for light ones, you can just scrub them with a sponge and a disinfectant.

4. Remote Control

Remote controls contract all the germs and dirt your hands do. And these are not alone. The same holds true for all handheld devices such as keyboards and phones. You need to clean the dust, dirt, and germs off them and you can do that by dabbing towels in disinfectants and wiping them with it. For your smartphone though, a dry towel is enough.

5. Window Screens

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Swipe a finger on your window screen, and you’ll see a thick layer of dust peel off. To clean these screens, you just need to wash them every once in a while with the help of a soft cleaning cloth.

6. Picture Frames

Memories gather dust they say. Well, guess this saying comes from the fact that you often forget to tidy up those picture frames that adorn your walls as sweet reminders of moments cherished. But before you go all Monica Geller on them, make sure you remove the dust with a dry cloth. Then use a wet cloth to wipe the glass and a cotton swab to reach those stubborn corners of the frame.

7. Wallets And Purses 

A dirty handbag is unhygienic. However, before scrubbing them clean, make sure you are using the right cleaning agent for the material, or you may end up ruining your favorite purse. For leather products, follow the cleaning instructions given with the bag through and through. Cloth bags can be dunked in the washing machine.

8. Cleaning Accessories

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You use these to clean things and yet often ignore maintaining them properly! Your cleaning supplies need a good scrub once in a while too. Brooms, vacuum cleaners, and squeegees need to be cleaned with a separate cloth regularly.

9. Switches And Doorknobs

Think about it. You touch them all the time; even with greasy, food covered hands, forget when you come back home and touch it with all germs you got from the outside world. Now, you can see why it’s important to clean them even though you probably never have. A microfiber cloth or a paper towel dipped in a disinfectant is the best way to clean them.

10. Curtains And Blinds

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Just like window screens, curtains and blinds that just hang in there for you all the time, need cleaning too. Try washing the curtains in the machine at least once a month. To clean the blinders, you’ll need to use vinegar to the get the dust and grease off.

11. Trash Can 

Even if you have the habit of lining the dustbin with a plastic bag and throwing the bag out every time you throw the trash, the bin is still going to stink. And that is indication enough that it needs cleaning. When the can is empty, wash it thoroughly with hot water and a disinfectant. Now scrub the entire bin with a brush and let it stay for ten-fifteen minutes. Rinse after.

So, are you convinced enough to put your Monica Geller gloves on and get to cleaning? You won’t regret this drill. In fact, you’ll feel much better knowing that your house is absolutely spick and span.

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