How To Detect Negative Energies At Home

By Chandrama Deshmukh

Feel like everything is falling apart? Have there been too many bad things happening to you within a short amount of time? Energy is felt, not seen. So, your gut instinct about negative energies in your home may be quite right.

Just like human beings, the trees, and our pets are made up of energy particles, so are our homes. And the layer of energy surrounding each of us and our homes is called an aura. If you have met a person and come away with a feeling of serenity and quiet joy, don’t you have the feeling that the person has a good aura surrounding him/her? The same goes for negativity. We all have that one person or home we don’t like to visit because we come away feeling worse than before.

Unfortunately, in the modern life, negative energies that surround us are inevitable. Even an almost inconspicuous souvenir fridge magnet from your France trip could set off a bout of negative energy. When the aura of one person’s energy passes by us or our home, our home gets affected by it. Genuine real estate sellers or brokers can often warn you about the aura of some homes you are visiting with an intent to rent or buy. Negative energy can become restrictive and a major constraint to achieving the full potential of your life.

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We also carry our energy from place to place. If your workplace has a negative environment, you carry home that energy every day, and this can add up to a significant amount of unwanted experiences in your life. Energy is contagious, and if we don’t remain sensitive to it, we can become sources to foster negative energy ourselves. A bout of negativity can then have a snowball effect, creating even more unwanted experiences in our lives. It can make us react badly to our relationships – personal and professional – and make people with otherwise good energy want to avoid us.

Negative energy can be perceived and experienced in many ways. It could be that the usually harmonious relationship between you and your partner or family members has begun to deteriorate. You may find that your finances have taken a bad turn recently, or that a loved one’s health is worsening. It may not even be something of such an enormous consequence; it could be that you are constantly battling a cold or a headache, or that your career seems stuck.

While there are plenty of ways to get rid of negative energy, one needs to first determine that there is negative energy in one’s living space. One of the most frustrating things about negative energy is it can it be quite difficult to detect. While negative energy can be all pervasive, it can be useful for you to detect the main source to clear your home of such vibes.

We’ve found a simple, DIY solution for you to detect where in your house negative energy may be present. All you need for this is a plain, tall glass, a cup of salt, a cup of apple cider vinegar, and some plain water.

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Fill one-third of the glass with salt, and then add the apple cider vinegar. Now, fill the rest of the glass with water. Leave this glass untouched and unmoved in a chosen spot in the chosen room. After 24 hours, if the glass and the solution are clear, it means that negative energy has not been detected in that room. Repeat the same for every other room in your house. If in any room, the water seems gasified after 24 hours, or the water has a bluish green tinge to it, it means that negative energy in your home has its roots in that room.

Because we live in our homes and spend the most amount of time in our homes, the negative energy tends to persist there. It does not stem only from your thoughts and feelings about the home and in your home, or the energy you bring from work and other social places, but it could also magnify from the energy that people who visit you or work at your home bring with them or feel about you.

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If you remember your childhood, families often went into a frenzy of cleaning every nook and corner of the house before major festivals. Because this clears unwanted energy and creates a space to welcome the good energy that auspicious festivals bring. It would appear that the prayer rituals that we grew up with had more to do with than just God and religion. The fragrant incense sticks that were burned in the mornings and evenings at our homes also help uplift the energy of our living environments. Many transport vehicles, such as lorries, auto rickshaws, and tourist cabs, also burn incense sticks in the vehicles before they start their day’s journey to ward off negative energy.

Once you have found where the negative energy persists in your house, reach out to Feng Shui practitioners or even your family elders for some practical ideas on getting rid of the negative energy.

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