7 Ways To Cop The Right Shade Of Blonde For Your Skin Tone

Written by Niharika Nayak

Are you unsure about going blonde? Whether you are light-skinned or a dusky beauty, you can drop all apprehensions about dyeing your hair as Indian women can actually kill it with the right shade of blonde. While you can choose whichever shade of blonde you may like, it’s a good idea to choose a shade that suits your skin tone perfectly. Your skin tone can be an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to coloring hair. Hence, when you go to a colorist, they may suggest a shade that compliments your skin tone. However, if this is your first time going fully blonde, it’s a good idea to do some of your own research before you go to the stylist. If you go to your stylist with a celebrity reference, they would be able to customize the formula or the color and the application techniques as well beforehand. At the same time, there isn’t a certain right or wrong. And since every single shade is unique, the key to getting the right shade is to know precisely what you want. So here are seven celebrities references with different shades of blonde for diverse and unique skin tones:

1. If You Have Pale Skin

If you have pale skin

Do you have skin that is porcelain-toned? Well, then the perfect shade of blonde for you would be Gwen Stefani’s platinum or fairy tale pastel blonde. Since going blond requires the highest level of bleaching, it is pretty unhealthy for those with extremely dark hair, but if you have extremely light skin, you will most likely have lighter hair. Even if you are pale-skinned with brunette hair, you need not worry too much! Many hairstylists have created incredible products that will prevent your hair from breaking during the bleaching process. If you go for hair this light, it’s vital that you purchase a purple shampoo to prevent your hair from turning too brassy.

2. If You Have Light Skin

If You Have Light Skin


Those with a lighter skin complexion should consider opting for an ash-toned shade. Ash tone is a grey-ish mix of blonde and brown. You should stay away from butterscotch browns or golden blondes as that will look too tacky with your bright skin tone. Therefore, a contrast always works. If you also have olive-type skin or more warm skin, it’s not a good idea to try this shade of blonde. You should rather go for a shade of Scandinavian blonde and champagne tone.

3. If You Have A Medium Skin Tone

If You Have A Medium Skin Tone


Those with medium skin tone have the best of both worlds. You can flirt with cool tones and warm tones, and both will look very natural on you. If you have a medium skin tone, you can try all kinds of shades: just make sure not to go too extreme. Warm gold tones may look a bit brassy on women with this skin tone. It’s a good idea to go for a medium base of blonde and ash with cold highlights. This will give you a fresh appearance. If you want to achieve the ideal hue for your hair tone, you could try baby lights or hair painting. This way, the light shades will blend more naturally.

4. If You Have Warm Skin

If You Have Warm Skin


If you are someone who has a warm skin tone, then it is a good idea to stick with soft gold, neutral blondes, gold, and soft gold. These shades would complement your skin the best and look natural if you choose to try another type of undertone. You can consider changing the color of your eyebrows to match with your hair. You should also be careful if you choose to go for an ashy or colder skin tone. If there is too big a contrast between your natural skin tone and your shade of blonde, the shade may look too unnatural.

5. If You Have An Olive Toned Skin

alyssascottj / Instagram

For our olive complexioned ladies, the variety is quite abundant. You can experiment with a wide range of blonde shades. If your skin is like Jennifer Lopez right here, consider going for soft beige, warm copper, or hues of pastel gold. Never go for cool color tones like mauve and dull reds. It is most likely to make your skin tone look greenish in a horrendous manner. If the color contrast between your face and hair is starkly highlighted, it will bring out any imperfections you might have in your skin tone. This is a crucial point to consider even when you are hunting for shades of makeup.

6. If Your Skin Is Tanned

If Your Skin Is Tanned

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If you have naturally medium or dark brown hair and still want to go blonde, don’t fret! You still have exciting shades that will suit your skin tone. Most hairstylists would suggest a mix of lighter shades of blonde and darker ones as well. One way they can add dimension and a bit of volume to your hair is by using different shades of blonde to highlight, and it’s also a good idea to leave your roots natural. Warmer shades will create a lovely frame around your face.

7. If You Have Dark Skin

If You Have Dark Skin


When you have dark skin and darker hair, then going blonde can be quite the fashion statement. Since it is such a noticeable difference, you can choose any shade of blonde that you want. However, whichever shade of blonde you do decide to try, ensure that you keep your roots looking natural, just like Rihanna did with a beautiful shade of copper-gold blonde.

Whether you want to pull a bubbly summer blonde girl or ice-cold platinum blonde baddie, you can get the right vibes going if you follow the above suggestions. In India, especially, going blonde would make you stand out in a sea of people in the best way possible. But be careful about what you request, don’t just copy a shade of blonde just because it’s trending. You have to make sure it blends with your skin tone and makes your face pop. Are you up for a full head of blonde or some sexy streak highlights? Or maybe just dip and dye at the ends. Leave your choice in the comments and feel free to add any hair coloring suggestion below!

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