8 Pieces Of Advice On How To Make Up After A Fight

Written by Reshmi AR

The worst memories of a relationship are the fights. I have never heard of anyone who’s felt good after a fight. Simply because it releases cortisol (stress hormone) and makes you all negative, which is certainly bad for you. The worst thing is the feeling after an argument – it leaves you feeling empty. And when you are in a relationship, nothing feels the same after you have fallen out with your partner over the silliest of issues. You feel frustrated, angry, and agitated, all at the same time. A few people feel extreme negative emotions and unleash them on innocent people. You just can’t wait to get back with him to feel normal again.

Fights are common in any relationship. But if you prolong it and let it grow, it will only get bigger and end up in a dirty outburst when you least expect it. But people, don’t worry. Here, we have a few tips to get your relationship back on track within no time. Wanna take a look? Here are 8 ways to make up with your partner after a fight.

1. Take A Deep Breath

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 No, I am not at all kidding here. You have no idea what wonders deep breaths can do to you. When you have given up hope and are about to vent out your frustration, a deep breath can bring down the level and intensity of your anger. If you are having an argument with your partner and feel it will soon reach its peak, it’s time you take a step back and take a deep breath. Count till 10, and that’s it, you are done!

2. Take The Hint

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 Both of you know there are going to be disagreements. So, it helps to accept that and be prepared. There will be times when a situation will get out of control – that’s when you have to use your intelligence. Agree upon some word that can diffuse the situation and make light of it. A funny word or a situation that both of you can’t stop laughing about. Such things can certainly put the smile back on your face.

3. Don’t Compete To Win

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 We all want to be winners in everything we do. It does feel nice, I agree. But not in fights. Sometimes, you win by losing. So, it’s really OKAY not to win. You don’t have to win an argument to feel superior. Remember, it’s your loved one that you are having a fight with, so it’s fine to give in, even if it was his fault. If you really want to make a point, choose a time when you both are in the best of your moods and explain it to him casually. Again, don’t bring it up just to make a point. It’s only a way for you to feel better and nothing else. There’s no point fighting over a lost cause.

4. Don’t Fight Over An Unworthy Cause

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 You are two different individuals and differences are bound to crop up. Once you realize this fact, life becomes a lot less complicated. There will be issues throughout your life, but tell yourself, “God, give me the strength and wisdom to accept what I can’t change.” And, trust me, your life will become easier. For example, your guy throws his wet towel on the bed and keeps the toilet seat open after use. They come naturally to him as they are his habits. No matter how much you try, he will not change unless it comes from within for him. Just because you are a cleanliness freak doesn’t mean he should be one too. So, simply understand that some things are not really worth fighting over.

5. Give A Warm Hug

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The golden rule of any relationship is not to let a third person lend her shoulder to cry on for your guy. If that happens, you have lost him. I know, your ego hurts to kiss and make up, and that’s not what’s on your mind after all the bitter arguments between the two of you. But girls, nothing can undo the damage of a bad fight like a warm hug. That is exactly what he needs at the moment. When you give him that, it feels like a comfort zone where he can come to whenever he feels low. Which is why a few physical gestures can make your guy feel so emotionally secure.

6. Do The Unexpected

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 It’s not everybody’s thing to empathize with people. But, when you are in a relationship, that’s the least expected of you. When the whole world is laughing at his mistake, he would expect you to stand by him. That’s what makes him feel nice and wanted.

7. Take Time Off

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Yes, at times, a little time alone can work wonders in nursing a wound. You both would have been your worst selves, fighting over a big decision. And you think it’s all over between you. At that point, instead of getting it over with that very day, just give yourselves some time off each other. This will give you both some time to introspect and contemplate on things.

8. Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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When you think your fight has reached a boiling point, that’s exactly when you must remind him of something funny that happened when you both first met. This can instantly bring down the room temperature. You know what I mean?

So, people, it’s okay to fight. Even better when you can make up. Do you have any suggestions on making up after a fight? Let us know in the comments section below.

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