24 People Share Their Incredible Body Hacks

Written by Shamita Dhingra

There is no doubt that we are the masters of the bodies we have and the peculiarities they come with. Yet, there can be moments when we have to deal with minor problems and issues – whenever and wherever.

And these problems can be nagging, embarrassing, and even irritating. They can make an appearance without any warning, and it might become a task to deal with them, especially if you are out in a public space.

Worry not! We have got some really interesting tricks that can be used as body hacks. These hacks have been shared by people, and they can help you anytime and anywhere to manage the oddities of your body.

1. Power Naps With Coffee

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A shot of espresso can work wonders during a catnap. If taken just before the nap, you will wake up feeling doubly refreshed – from the nap and from the effect of caffeine that will roughly take those 15-20 mins of nap time to show effect.

2. Giddiness

In case one is suffering from low BP, suddenly getting up might cause giddiness. In such a case, clinching the abdominal muscles tightly can result in an upward rush of blood and provide immediate relief.

3. Treating Gag Reflexes

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If one feels choked due to a gag reflex, the best possible solution is to tighten the fist of the left hand.

4. Water Fixture

Whether it is nervousness, feeling low, or anxiety, intake of water can help. It increases the fluid levels in the body, thus keeping it hydrated. It also regulates irregular bowel movement and makes the body feel healthy and light.

5. Itchy Throat

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If the constant itchiness in the throat is a bother, giving your ear a good scratch is helpful. It increases the nervous activity in the ears and causes the reflex action to alleviate the problem.

6. Painless Needles

People of all ages fear injections. But the good news is that something as simple as vigorous coughing during the administration of intravenous injection increases the blood pressure and reduces the pain sensitivity (1).

7. Memory Booster

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Entered a room and forgot the purpose? Moving the eyes laterally can boost the memory related brain activity.

8. Betting On Hiccups

It is said that hiccups are just a psychosomatic reaction and, a majority of the time, they can disappear by simply shocking the person emotionally or betting with the person that s/he won’t have another hiccup.

9. Ear It Out

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If the surroundings are too loud or noisy, use the left ear to distinguish the musical notes and the right ear for discerning the speech.

10. Relieving Relief

Sometimes, you are desperate to relieve yourself but get no opportunity to do so. Strangely, having sexual fantasies can provide some distraction and relief from the urgency to visit the washroom.

11. Sunny Side Up

11. Sunny Side Up

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It is best to wake up to sunlight. The body responds naturally to sunlight and is alert and agile for the entire day.

12. The Night Eye

If you get up suddenly in the middle of the night, keep one of your eyes closed while switching on the lights. That way, the closed eye retains the night vision, and it is helpful in tracing your way back to the bed once the lights are switched off.

13. The Low-Carb Diet

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The trick to quick weight loss is to consume no more than 20 grams of carbohydrates each day. This way, the body goes into ketosis, a state where the body fat is utilized as the primary source of energy. You will also feel more energetic, alert, and active.

14. Getting Tipsy

In case someone is inebriated and is unable to walk properly, finding support to rest one’s hand is the best bet in such a situation. Alcohol dilutes the blood inside the ear cupula, and this disrupts the body balance. A stable piece of furniture or a wall can provide the required balance.

15. Undo The Brain Freeze

A brain freeze is caused when the nerves in the roof of the mouth are exposed to sudden or excessive cold. This, in turn, triggers the brain to heat up, and your head starts hurting. You can tackle this problem by touching the roof of your mouth with your tongue. The more the area of the roof covered by the tongue, the quicker and better the effect.

16. Stuffy Nose

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The congestion of the nose can be cleared by working around the vomer bone. This can be done by alternatively pressing a finger between the eyebrows and touching the roof of the mouth with one’s tongue.

17. Acidity

If there is a complaint of acidity, it is beneficial to lie on the left side. In that position, the esophagus is above the stomach, and hence, the flow of acid into the esophagus is prevented. The case is quite contrary when you sleep on the right side. Here, the esophagus is lower than the stomach, and the acid can move up the throat.

18. Tingling And Numbness

Sometimes, odd postures can cause the nerves to get crammed under pressure. This can cause the sensation of pins and needles. Moving the neck sideways can loosen up the nerves and alleviate the symptoms.

19. Relief From Dental Pain

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Studies have shown that rubbing the web between the index finger and the thumb can reduce dental pain significantly. Make sure to apply ice on the hand corresponding to the side of the pain (2).

20. Honey Please

Consuming unprocessed organic honey can do wonders to cure a sore throat.

21. Breathe Left

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During races or running events, there are chances of getting cramps in the lower side of the rib cage due to increased stress on the liver. It can be prevented if you exhale at the time of hitting the left foot on the ground.

22. Bleeding Nose

In the case of a nosebleed, pressure can be applied with only one finger to the small dip below the nose as this is the site of maximum bleeding. This hack can help reduce the flow.

23. Protein-Rich Diet

Consuming more amount of lentils and beans can help you lose weight as well as adopt a healthier lifestyle. It is because they are rich in proteins and necessary carbs, yet low in calories.

24. More Water

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Sipping on water is a great way of keeping the body hydrated and reducing hunger pangs. It also prevents overeating.

Now that there are so many health tricks up your sleeve, you can be assured that you will be much more comfortable when any of these issues bother you.

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