10 Intimate Things To Do With Him To Bring You Both Closer

By Reshmi AR

When you are in a relationship, the love hormone oxytocin is overflowing. Even the most unconscious gesture or sweet talk from him makes you go weak in your knees. Such is the power of the emotion. As I have stressed enough in my previous articles, love is not just about having a crackling chemistry or mere physical attraction, you need more than that to keep it going. Don’t think you have gotten closer to him just because he kissed you. If earning the love of a person was that easy!

Well, here are a few things that will get the two of you closer. Wanna check out what they are? Here you go…

 1. Hand In Hand

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What is it that Kareena Kapoor Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have in common? Well, for starters, they have formed a very stable relationship with their respective spouses. If you have ever closely observed their public appearances, you always see Aish clinging to her hubby Abhi and Kareena walking in with Saif hand in hand. This is no PDA but an expression of love to show they are together. If you two are serious about taking your relationship to the next level, holding hands must come naturally to you. And lemme tell you, this is where the chemistry begins.

 2. Cooking Is Therapeutic

2. Cooking is therapeutic

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 It’s okay if one of you can’t cook. Just being there together in the kitchen can kindle the spark any moment. You could use this intimate moment to discover things about each other – favorite places, cuisine, colors, movies, books, etc.

 3. Doing Silly Stuff

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 Love is all about being yourself and comfortable with your partner. To achieve this, you have to let go of your inhibitions. You may not be a master at billiards, but just giving him company and trying your hand at it is not going to harm anyone. Doing things for fun certainly makes your life interesting. You could even play any of your favorite games you played as a kid. It could be hide and seek, monopoly or a pillow fight. You won’t believe how much fun that will be. This will reveal how much you are willing to open up to him and how comfy you are around him.

 4. Dozing Off

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 Both of you might be super stressed about work, but hitting the sack together will give you two a sense of security and bring you closer. It is a great stress buster too! Try it if you don’t believe me. There’s nothing like going off to sleep together during courtship.

5. Just Be

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 There are times when you simply don’t want to get out of the house and want to just laze around at home doing nothing. Suggest this to your guy, and you will be surprised to know he loves the idea too. Choose a weekend to just laze around watching TV shows and use this time to understand each other.

6. Hearty Conversation

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 There are times when you can’t express your true feelings. There are several things that remain unsaid between couples. But remember, it would be best to discuss them when both of you are in the best of moods. Doing so will ensure both of you are not carrying any kind of baggage, which may seem burdensome after a point. Being transparent and letting the other person know how you actually feel are critical to making a relationship stable.

7. Let Bygones Be Bygones

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 Fights are integral to a relationship. You are two different individuals, and your perspectives will be contradictory. So, be reasonable when you fight. Never bring up the past during fights. It could be fatal for the relationship. Always look ahead if you want this to be for keeps.

8. Motivate Each Other

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 Too lazy to get up and go jogging while your partner is snoring away to glory? Time to make a deal! I mean, in a healthy way. Why not motivate each other to do some fitness activities together? You could go swimming, hiking, or even cycling. This will ensure both of you are on track in terms of health and also give you more time to spend together.

9. Lending An Ear

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 Yes, we all love to talk and can’t stop telling our partners how we feel and what we want. But, at times, we must consider being on the other side of the table too. Be a listener for a change and hear him out. Probably your relationship is stuck as you are not giving him a chance to vent out. Be a patient listener and see for yourself how it can take your relationship to another level altogether.

10. Change Is The Only Constant

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 You often hear your best friend complain that you have changed after you started dating that cute batchmate of yours. Yes, there are adjustments to be made, and compromises will happen if you want to make a relationship work. Don’t get bogged down by all the talk around. If you have changed for the better and it has helped stabilize your relationship, no reason to worry at all!

Being intimate does not mean only getting physical. These little things can get you a lot closer to him than you can imagine.

What are your rules to get closer to him? Let us know in the comments section below.

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