4 Invaluable Tricks When It Comes To Buying Clothes

By Chandrama Deshmukh

Some would say that shopping isn’t exactly rocket science.

But those folks are wrong. Sort of.

While shopping doesn’t exactly require engineering level mathematics, it does pose its own set of dilemmas. When it comes to actually buying clothes, there are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration before making a purchase. First and foremost, the most crucial part of choosing any dress is to make sure that the size and fitting are perfect (I cannot stress enough on this). Even when you have found the perfect dress in terms of color, size, and fitting, there are several ways in which you may be disappointed once you make the purchase.

For instance, you may find out after the first wash that the dress bleeds color as though it has fought a war with the washing machine. Or maybe you may go out in the sun only to have someone point out to you that your dress is completely see-through! These problems may seem like a nightmare especially after you have gone through the painstaking task of spending hours searching for the perfect dress.

Well, today we want to share four ways in which you can ensure you make the right purchase when it comes to buying clothes. Read on to discover how never to make another bad purchase again!

1. Putting The Elasticity Of The Garment To Test


A sign that clothes are made from poor quality materials is that they are unable to retain their original shape after being stretched. It is almost impossible to avoid stretching your clothes even if you have bought the perfect sized dress. This is because certain activities or seating positions may put your clothes under stress causing them to stretch. Although this is not a big deal, it may prove to be a problem if the material used by the manufacturer is of a poor quality.

In order to prevent yourself from purchasing clothes that are of poor quality, you can carry out this simple test! Stretch the fabric for a few seconds before releasing it, then gauge how quickly the dress retains its original shape and size. The time it takes to return to its original shape gives us a hint to the quality of the material that was used to make the dress. If the dress fails to return to its original state, it is a sign for you to move on and look for something else.

2. Checking The Garment’s Transparency


Another way in which you can test the material of a garment is by placing it under a light source. If the fabric appears transparent, it is a sign that the garment lacks material and is more likely to tear or rip if put under stress! You should avoid such clothes because not only are they of poor quality, they are most likely going to be see-through, which always ends up becoming embarrassing when people start to notice.

3. Checking For Wrinkles


Before you check any garment to see how much they wrinkle up when put under stress, you must be aware of the fact that garments made from different fabrics may not qualify for the wrinkle test. For instance, a dress made of linen tends to wrinkle up a lot easily (even if the material used is of a high quality). Therefore, stick to using this test only on cotton clothes.

In order to check how easily a dress wrinkles, grab a small piece of the material in your hand and squeeze it tightly for a few seconds. If the material is of bad quality, you will be able to notice several wrinkles on it. Avoiding such clothes will save you a lot of ironing time as well as making sure your dress looks good throughout the day.

4. Checking The Zippers


There is nothing worse than having the zipper on your dress getting stuck and breaking off, leaving you in a very embarrassing situation if you happen to be outside. Checking the functioning of a zipper is one of the most crucial aspects of purchasing any dress. However, many women seem to overlook this fact and regret it later on.

As you aimlessly try to pull up the zipper on your dress wondering whether you have put on a few pounds since you first tried it in the changing room, you need to realize that this may all be due to the quality of the zipper used by the manufacturer. Therefore, make sure that you thoroughly test the zipper on any dress before purchasing it. If you feel that the zipper tends to get stuck as you pull it up, you should totally avoid such a dress.

Employing these tricks, the next time you go to purchase any clothes will help save you a lot of time, money, and embarrassment. Make sure that you carry out as many of these tests as applicable to your dress. However, you need to ensure that no sales representative is around as you vigorously test the clothes, otherwise, you may have an awkward conversation awaiting you!

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