Here Is How To Practice This Old Japanese Self-Relaxation Technique To Reduce Stress

By Rachana C

Treating the symptoms or healing the body? What would you like? I am sure you said “healing the body.” As complex as it may seem, the body is, in fact, a machine that can be understood easily in multiple ways. Alternative medicine has done that which conventional medicine doesn’t have answers for. Jin Shin Jyutsu is one such art of healing that heals the body based on energy pathways and Safety Energy Locks, which are 26 according to this art of healing. Unlike conventional medicine, this method of healing is based on interdisciplinary grounds that sees the confluence of physiology on one side and philosophy on the other. And more than the actual technique, it is this philosophy that garners faith among millions, and that is what heals them.

The best part of Jin Shin Jyutsu is that it postulates several self-help techniques that can be performed without the help of a practitioner. If that tempts you, read on to know the connection between the fingers of your hand and a particular emotion. Learn how pressing or holding a finger can rid you of an overwhelming feeling.

1. Thumb For Worry

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Worrying has become as much a part of our lives as our lunch and dinner. Sadly, we live with it without knowing the repercussions of what long-term worry and stress can do to our physical bodies. Recurrent and chronic headaches are a sign of worry. The minute you sense an aching head, hold your thumb for immediate relief. You will most likely experience a literal sigh of relief. Wait until you experience that. If you don’t experience that, wait for two or three deep breaths before releasing your thumb. Ideally, you should be able to sense the pulsating beats in both your thumb and the hand that you are holding the thumb with.

2. Index Finger For Fear

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Fear, as not many people realize, is a positive and necessary emotion indeed. It helps you sense threat; a primary requisite for being alert and avoiding or facing danger. However, when the system goes haywire, you become excessively fearful even when it is not required. One of the best ways to find out if your fear is baseless and is coming in the way of peace is by checking if you feel an ache in the back when you experience fear. Along with your back, you might also sense pain or stagnation in your upper arms, which could also be indicative of blocks in the energy pathways. This calls for some Jin Shin Jyutsu. Hold your index finger in a similar way, as mentioned above, until you feel that sigh of relief. If you feel frustrated often and get worked up about little things, or have a fear of criticism and rebuke, practice this technique every time you feel so.

3. Middle Finger For Anger

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Again, like all emotions labeled good or bad, this too is necessary. Real wisdom doesn’t mean not being angry or sad but to exercise these emotions at will when and wherever required. Since we have mastered the art of not connecting with our deepest essence, the humankind has been reduced to be the slave of those emotions rather than vice-versa. But if you realize the importance of being able to be in control of your emotions, particularly, anger, practice this technique of holding the middle finger. Apart from controlling your anger, you can also solve issues like irritability, instability, and intense emotional outbursts with this technique.

4. Ring Finger For Sadness Or Grief

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If you find yourself trapped in the rut of not being able to get over grief and are feeling sad for even slightest of the problems in life, this is for you. Hold the ring finger for a while if you want to stop feeling intensely emotional immediately. As mentioned, wait for your finger to pulsate and then release. However, if you experience intense pulsations as soon as you hold the finger, hold it until the pulsation lessons. Make sure you take deep breaths. Quite often, the sigh happens spontaneously when you hold the finger in the right way, applying just enough pressure.

5. Little Finger For Self-Esteem And “Trying-To.”

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Do you find yourself always pretending to be someone you are not? Isn’t that a constant blow to your self-esteem? If you want to regain that sense of self-esteem, little finger it is. This technique will not only help you regain your self-esteem but will also help you increase your common sense quotient, reduce the negative emotions, and relieve any physiological breathing discomforts. Any insecurity torturing you, or any confusion persistently bothering you, whether about life in general or some issue in particular, go find your pinky!

Has it ever occurred to you that something as simple as holding a finger can relieve you of uncontrollable and debilitating emotions? Now that you know the secret, immerse yourself in the goodness of these Jin Shin Jyutsu techniques that have been popularized by Jiro Murai, the Japanese healer and philosopher, and waste not even a second in your precious human life. Hold your fingers, and comment below to tell me how it feels.

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