Look At Your Left Hand And Choose One That Resembles Yours!

By Chandrama Deshmukh

The secret to your personality lies in the palm of your hand. Like, literally.

Don’t believe us? Well, to that all we can say is – don’t knock it before you try it! Since we’re all about making you smile, here’s a fun little gem that we happened to stumble upon. This test involves examining the anatomy of your left hand. According to its creators, the length and alignment of the fingers residing on your left hand could reveal facets of your personality that you may or may not be aware of.

So, why not give it a try? After all, there’s nothing to lose and so much to gain – some self-introspection or perhaps, even a good chuckle. Read on below to add a little sparkle to your day!

The Left-Hand Test: An Insight Into One’s Personality!

This test is remarkably simple and won’t take much of your time. All you need to do is study the image above and select the hand that most resembles the alignment of the fingers on your own left hand. Once you’re done, read on below to discover the persona most associated with your hand type.

1. If You Are Type A…


On the outside, you are: Logical, efficient, inflexible, and calculative. You prefer being in control, which is why you always choose stability over spontaneity.

On the inside, you are: You enjoy a successful career and hence, happen to be content in regards to your mental state. Kind but grumpy; you secretly get pleasure in helping others conquer their struggles.

When it comes to your love life: Empathetic and loving; you are extremely understanding of your partner and usually prove to be a great source of support. An inherent problem-solver, you often provide them with solutions to their everyday dilemmas. Yet, conversely, you never ask for help in return and have difficulty sharing your troubles.

2. If You Are Type B…


On the outside, you are: Sympathetic, selfless, loving, and generous. You generally receive more pleasure in giving rather than receiving. Altruism happens to be your middle name!

On the inside, you are: Somewhat too preoccupied with the welfare of your loved ones. This often comes at the cost of your own peace of mind and well-being, which can take a toll.

When it comes to your love life: When you’re struck by Cupid’s arrow, you want to share your euphoria with the entire world. Hence, you can always be counted upon to be the first one to update your Facebook relationship status once you begin dating. Nevertheless, you approach romance with a rare maturity, which your partner admires you for.

3. If You Are Type C…


On the outside, you are: Confident, loyal, charming, and persuasive. You are a veritable wordsmith and possess the gift of charming people onto your side.

On the inside, you are: You are an all or nothing personality. When chasing a goal that strikes your fancy, you put in your 100% and more. However, if the task isn’t to your liking, you are as lazy as a lackadaisical grasshopper during summer.

When it comes to your love life: The opposite gender loves you, thanks to your smooth-talking skills. But once you commence dating, you begin second-guessing yourself and find it difficult to keep up your urbane façade. This is the point when you should just drop that mask and let your significant other get to know the real you.

4. If You Are Type D…


On the outside, you are: Intelligent, analytical, imaginative, and observant. You tend to start projects on a whim and are profoundly creative.

On the inside, you are: A fanatic when it comes to problem-solving. A puzzle is your kryptonite and agony is your definition of a life problem you can’t solve.

When it comes to your love life: Supremely awkward. When someone reciprocates your feelings, you feel uncomfortable and lost as to how to proceed. We have only one piece of advice – stop overthinking things and just go with the flow!

5. If You Are Type E…


On the outside, you are: Charming, creative, rational, and unique. There isn’t another like you!

On the inside, you are: Somewhat fragile. You struggle with childhood insecurities and demons. You also possess rather high standards, which inevitably leads to disappointment.

When it comes to your love life: The past has left invisible scars that you conceal well with a smile, however, it’s hurting your love life. It’s the reason why you struggle with commitment and push the people who love you away. You must learn to love yourself first; the rest will come naturally.

6. If You Are Type F…


On the outside, you are: Curious, passionate, adventurous, and impatient! You take each day as it comes and live spontaneously.

On the inside, you are: The same! It’s a case of ‘what you see is what you get’ with you. There is nearly no discrepancy between who you are and what you present to the world.

When it comes to your love life: You are a wild one! When it comes to romantic entanglements, you are more open-minded than most. You hate being pinned down and prefer exploring the waters. In your mind, Love is a teacher and you, it’s insatiable student.

So, did you learn something new about your psyche? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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