How To Makeover The Energy In Your Home

By Rachana C

Negativity is easier to succumb to. And we all must have had phases where we became the helpless victims of these negative energies. Although it seems like a rut that you can’t get yourself off, all it requires is a simple will to want to come out of it. Yes, it all starts with that little will to persevere, and that is when you will start looking for ways to cleanse the aura within and out. If you are looking for something like that, read these 7 ways to successfully remove negative energies from your home and rekindle that lost harmony you are yearning for.

1. Salt

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One of the easiest ways to rid your home of negative energy is by using salt, preferably sea salt or Himalayan pink salt. If you feel something’s just not right and sense something peculiar, fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add a cup full of sea salt or pink salt to it. Wash your house with this water to ward off the energies that seem to be bothering you. As an alternative, you could also place a bowl of salt water in the corners of your house for half an hour and discard the water soon after. If you are lucky and get to live close to a beach, take a quick dip in the sea, and you will feel relaxed instantly. Salt has the tremendous power to absorb negative energies in the house as well as the body.

2. Incense Sticks

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Most religions promote the use of some or the other sort of fragrance as an oblation to their deities. This is a good practice to drive the negativity away from your vicinity. You could choose whichever scent you want, but make sure you burn plenty of these sticks and allow the smoke to spread across the house. Burning saamraani, called benzoin resin in English, is also a great option when it comes to eliminating pent up negative energies from your home. One of the practices that the Native Americans did to clean their houses was to burn the dried sage herb. If you can get your hands on this herb, make sure you do this smudging ritual with utter reverence. Also, see to it that you burn chemical-free essential incense sticks or cones because you are quite literally drenching yourself and your house in this aura-cleansing smoke.

3. Light

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Negative energy in the house is, for sure, going to make you feel drained and apathetic. The worst thing you can do to yourself at this time is shut yourself in a closed dark room. Always see to it that your house is well ventilated and brightly lit. Allow lots of bright sunlight to enter the house for at least a few hours every morning. Lighting scented candles is a great way of keeping troublesome energies at bay. Again, lighting candles and lamps is one of the practices recommended by many cultures and traditions for similar reasons. This is not only an excellent way to show reverence but also one of the effective methods of cleansing the aura you build around your home.

4. Sound

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Chanting any sacred chants (subjective to your traditional and religious beliefs) is another essential part of keeping the house filled with peaceful vibes. Most of the sacred chants are of specific wavelengths that work on the aura in ways that are beyond our limited intellect. More importantly, repetitive chanting will cleanse your insides and bring about a sense of unflinching stability within that will not be affected by mere external circumstances. While that was about chanting, ringing bells inside the house, specifically in the corners that are storehouses of negativity, is also an efficient way to keep the house clean energy wise.

5. Painting The Walls

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Though not consciously, most of us follow certain rituals that are an integral part of our traditions, without questioning their importance. One such ritual is to get the walls of the house painted once every year and particularly before moving into a new house. Every house carries an aura, not necessarily a positive one. Also, the experience of positive and negative is purely subjective and what was positive for another family might not feel positive to you. For sensitive people who can see unsaid stories everywhere, it isn’t a pleasant feeling to keep sensing the aura left by someone else. This is why it is suggested that you paint your walls before you move to a new house. Experts say painting your walls yellow is the best way to nullify the negative energy inside. Plus, your house is going to look big and spacious with that kind of shade on the walls.

6. Clean

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By keeping the house cluttered, disorganized, and messy, you are only making space for more negativity to flourish. I am sure this is not what you want. Keep your house clutter-free and get broken things fixed as soon as possible. Hoarding and holding on to old things is not just going to cause you mental clogging, but it will also attract a lot of unpleasant and negative energies in your house. Dusting the surfaces of electronic gadgets and appliances with a microfiber cloth is also a great way of energy cleansing. Also, do not forget to wash bedsheets, pillow cases, and curtains often to steer any evil energies inside the house away.

7. Clapping And Snapping

Have you observed people loudly clapping and ringing bells when they perform rituals? This is not a very unusual thing, at least in Hindu traditions where loud verses are sung in praise of God and are often accompanied by clapping and snapping fingers. Again, this is one of the best ways to rid the house environs of any negative energies keeping you from having a peaceful life. It is important you clap and snap your fingers in the corners of the rooms, specifically near windows and curtains.

Even talking about terminating negativity fills me with inexplicable spiritual fervor. Imagine how you would feel when you actually follow these methods and feel the positivity filling your space! What do you think is your take on driving negativity away? Comment below and let me know.

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