10 Men Open Up About What They’ve Learned After Living With Women

By Niharika Nayak

You really get to know someone only after you start living with them. And this is especially true when the person involved is of the opposite sex. Men who have grown up in a household without female siblings often don’t have a real idea of what co-living with a female looks like. In fact, they often have a very glamorized impression of how women live. Men who get to interact with women only in a professional or social setting, get to see the prepared and polished version. To associate that with daily living, would be misleading in most cases. Personal habits like cleanliness and organized living vary from person to person, and we really can’t group all females into a single type. It’s only after living together for some time that you get to know the various habits and quirks of the female in question.

So, if you’re looking forward to moving in with your girlfriend or partner, and are a bit worried about what to expect in the coming days we have something for you. We asked ten men to tell us what their experiences living with females have been like, and they obviously had a lot to share. Though your experience might not totally be the same, you can definitely take a leaf out of their books. Here are some of the things men have learned from living with women:

1. You Will Find Hair EVERYWHERE!

You're Find Hair EVERYWHERE


“At first, I was super worried that my girlfriend had some kind of health condition or that she may have developed a case of alopecia! Her hair was literally in all corners of the house and would end up in my clothes, our sink, the kitchen, and so many other areas. There was so much hair around the house that I could have created my very own voodoo doll out of it. I’m just glad, my girlfriend and I were able to make a deal where I cleaned all the hair from the drain, and she washed all my dishes.”

2. They Carry A Suitcase Of Toiletries

They Carry A Suitcase Of Toiletries


“Women carry so many toiletries; it’s crazy! Whenever my wife and I plan a trip to go somewhere, she’ll carry so many body washes, lotions and shampoos, and so many other things when it’s literally a two-day trip! They even have a separate bag for it! It’s crazy!”

3. A Menstrual Cup Doesn’t Look Like A Teacup

A Menstrual Cup Doesn't Look Like A Teacup


“Many of us have no idea what a menstrual cup even is, and when we hear the term, we imagine a chalice or a teacup to collect blood. When I moved in with my fiancée, I discovered that a menstrual cup was nothing like I had imagined it. She explained the benefits of using one and explained that it goes inside the body and doesn’t sit in her underwear collecting blood like a pad. It was honestly quite an insightful conversation!.”

4. They Often Communicate Through Screenshots

They Often Communicate Through Screenshots


“You have to be extra careful while texting a girl because I guarantee that she’s going to send all the screenshots to her girlfriends. I saw this firsthand where my flatmate would send all the creepy “dms” she would get to her girl gang on Whatsapp. The girls had a whole group chat just for this!”

5. Bras Are Incredibly Expensive

Bras Are Incredibly Expensive


“I didn’t realize women had to spend half their salaries on bras until I got married to my wife and had to buy her bras occasionally. No wonder women want to have a life without them and don’t like wearing them. I can’t imagine spending that much on my underwear!”

6. If Their Clothes Don’t Fit Right, They Won’t Go Out

If They're Clothes Don't Fit Right, They Won't Go Out


“Probably one of the most annoying things about living with women is that they will refuse to go out if their clothes don’t fit their bodies right. If it’s that important to you, why didn’t you choose and try the clothes before we decided to go out!”

7. They Have Insanely High Pain Tolerance

They Have Insanely High Pain Tolerance


“This one time, I saw my girlfriend waxing herself, and she made it seem like such a breeze. So I asked her to do it for me as well, and it was the worst decision I made! She actually managed to rip off all the hair on her body without flinching one bit!”

8. They Can Dress Like Models But Also Like They Haven’t Left The House In 3 Days

They Can Dress Like Models But Also Like They Haven't Left The House In 3 Days


“One thing I’ve learned after living with a woman for more than two years, it’s that when she wants to look hot, she will, but when she’s at home, she’ll look like a homeless person or like someone who hasn’t showered in three days. It’s pretty crazy how versatile women are!

9. Women Have Elaborate Skin Care Rituals

Women Have Elaborate Skin Care Rituals


“Women have some extremely elaborate self-care rituals! My wife will literally use six different types of lotions, two body scrubs, three face scrubs, and some transparent liquid. I’m not sure what it’s called, but I guess it has something to do with the retina (we think he means retinol). And then, to top it off, she repeats the same actions once more when she wakes up in the morning. I don’t know how this woman manages to hold a full-time job with all the time she spends on her skincare!”

10. Women Can Teach Us A Thing Or Two About Self Care

Women Can Teach Us A Thing Or Two About Self Care


“I didn’t much care for self-care until I moved in with my girlfriend. She is so on point with everything she does and has taught me to take a step back, put on a hydrating sheet mask and relax. These days we both wear sheet masks and sit and watch our favorite Netflix shows together.”

So, there you have it, observations from ten men who have had the opportunity to live with their female partners. Now having known about these habits, chances are that if your partner repeats any, you won’t be surprised or taken aback. However, there would be many other things that you will get to learn which aren’t covered in our list. Once you experience them, feel free to share them with us and our readers in the comments section.

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