15 Mind-blowing Perfume Hacks To Make The Most Of Your Favorite Fragrance

By Shirin Mehdi

Perfumes are made of sugar and spice, and everything nice! Amidst a busy day, that whiff of a lovely fragrance can definitely bring about a pleasant change. Who doesn’t love to smell good? But things you dream of come at a price, and you sure have to pay a heavy price for the bottle of your beloved aroma. That’s the reason you should make the best use of that bottle! Here is a list of fifteen things that will help you make the best of your best bottle of cologne.

  1. To increase the efficiency of the fragrance (so that you smell Oh! So lovely for the longest time), make sure you don’t keep those bottles in the bathroom. The perfumes need to be stored in a cool, dark place. Light, heat and humidity break down the molecules of the perfume, reducing its quality. Therefore, the best place to store them would be in your dressing cabinet.
  1. To keep smelling like a goddess for a long time, it’s a good idea to rub some Vaseline on your pulse points before you spray that perfume. The moisture from the salve will hold the fragrance onto your skin for a long time.

Watch this video to know how to apply perfume to get long lasting effect.

  1. To reiterate the previous point, you can also use a neutral or fragrance-free lotion on your body before you spray your perfume on. Oily skin helps to retain the fragrance for a longer period of time. Your moisturizer will help to lock in that beautiful scent.
  1. The best time to spray your perfume is immediately after you are out of your shower, and just before you get dressed. This will have two benefits. The first is that the moisture on your skin, post the shower, will help latch in all the fragrant goodness. Secondly, if you wear your fragrance before you get dressed, neither will you have to worry about your clothes getting stained nor will you have to bother about tarnished jewelry.
  1. Spraying the cologne on your pulse points emits the best possible fragrance, but ensure that you do not dab the perfume on your wrists once you spray. By rubbing your wrists, the top notes of the fragrance will disappear faster than usual, reducing its efficiency.
  1. Your pulse points and the warm parts of your body are the best places to spray if you want to smell good for a longer period of time. Spritzing on the warm areas will diffuse the scent all over your body. Spraying some perfume on your ankles and calves will ensure that the fragrance rises throughout the day.
  1. When you don’t want to smell too strong, and on occasions when you need just a light hint of fragrance, all you need to do is spray some perfume in the air, and walk into the mist. The perfume will get distributed evenly throughout your body, giving you the perfect level of fragrance that you need.
  1. Need a quick fix for smelly hair? Your perfume will take care of it. However, spraying an alcohol-based perfume directly into your hair will dry it out. So you could spritz some onto your hairbrush, let it rest and then run it through your hair. Your tresses will smell lovely, and you won’t have to worry about damage.
  1. Know your perfumes well, so that you know how to pick your next fragrance. These are some things you must keep in mind:

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a) If the fragrant oils are in low concentration, the perfume will be subtle, and will vanish quickly. If the perfume has a high concentration of fragrant oils, the fragrance will be pungent and will last longer. Extrait de parfum has the highest concentration of fragrant oils, followed by eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, and finally, body splashes.

b) A little bit about the notes of a perfume – the top notes comprise of the first whiff you get when you spray on your fragrance. It fades away very quickly. The middle notes develop once the top notes evaporate. The base notes are the heaviest, and they linger for a long time. Your perfume will always have all three.

  1. When your perfume level in the bottle is so low that you can’t spray on any more, pour the last bit into your body lotion. This way you won’t waste anything!
  1. If you have sprayed a wrong fragrance or don’t like the scent you are sampling, use your makeup wipe to get rid of the perfume.
  1. You will know the actual smell of the perfume only when the top notes evaporate. So next time you go sampling, wait for a few minutes before you smell the perfume.
  1. Spray your favorite scent on a tissue paper and leave them in your wardrobe or dresser. This will make the contents smell absolutely amazing.
  1. If you need to touch up your scent and feel that the bottle is too heavy to carry around, just spray some perfume onto a cotton swab and put it in a zip lock bag and then into your handbag. When you feel the necessity, gently rub your pulse points with this fragrant bit of cotton. You will smell like a dream again.
  1. To get a better night’s rest, spray some calming fragrance onto your pillow. You are sure to sleep like a baby.

They say a woman’s fragrance says more about her than her handwriting. With all these hacks, the sense of smell of people around you is sure to work around the clock.

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