9 Fashion Trends Of 2020 That Have Fans And Haters Alike

Written by Niharika Nayak

Fashion is highly subjective. If you’re someone who likes to be at the top of your fashion game and follow trends, then you probably keep track of celebrity Instagram accounts and try to emulate them or follow the fashion launches of luxury brand ramp shows. While 2020 had most of us in our jammies and onesies, stuck working from home, there were quite a few fashion trends that did not go unnoticed. Some fashion trends made a comeback and others were just there. With many musicians like The Weeknd, Doja Cat, and Dua Lipa bringing back 80s vibes through their videos, there’s no doubt that many retro trends made a huge comeback. We try not to judge when it comes to fashion but here are a few that we’re sort of iffy about:

1. Bike Shorts

Bike Shorts

The Sun

Let’s be honest. Bike shorts aren’t really appropriate outside wear in the desi context. While celebrities like Kim Kardashian like to rock them out during fake grocery store shoots, they are often considered something that only celebs can pull off. She has often been mercilessly and hilariously mocked by her own family members for her weird outfit combinations. While you can totally wear bike shorts at home, or while you’re actually cycling or even when you’re lounging at the beach, don’t sport this at McDonald’s. Unless you carry that much-needed confidence and can rock literally anything.

2. Plastic Shoes

Plastic Shoes


Plastic pumps have been trending for a few years but ladies, do you know the amount of upkeep that goes into taking care of these types of shoes? These shoes are totally not breathable and will leave your feet sweaty and eventually, stinky. Leave these plastic shoes behind in 2020, please! And if you do absolutely have to wear your plastic shoes, make sure it’s for a short duration of time. If you are a shoe collector or love investing in a new fashion, you can take care of this high-maintenance footwear.

3. Scrunchies



Scrunchies are convenient and cute but also, kiddish? Sure, they were fun to sport during our teenage years and really fun and spunky but they’re a little too much. Instead you can opt for something a little more lowkey. This year should be all about sporting bouncy, voluminous, and vivacious hair. After all, it’s going to be the roaring 20s once this pandemic ends. You can get scrunchies with silky fabric which tends to be less thick and tight.

4. Bright Neon

Bright Neon

ananyapanday / Instagram

Bright neon is a fun combination but it’s a little overdone at this point if we’re being honest. They say Neon is best when it’s used in small doses and we totally agree. It’s a smart idea to play your outfit down and not go too overboard. Neon can go from being fashionable to making you look like a traffic cone or warning sign. So tread lightly. If you are afraid to pull a Ranveer Singh, use layering as a technique while wearing neon. Pick a neon cropped bomber jacket, or a neon crop top and pair it with cool colours like navy, black, pastels etc.

5. Teeny-tiny Purses


lizzobeeating  / Instagram

Yes, Lizzo’s teeny tiny purse look was cute but is it really practical? It’s a better idea to be well equipped and carry a bag that can fit whatever you choose inside it. You can carry a sling bag or even carry a small backpack if it’s more convenient. A small purse just seems too much of a hassle to us. But if you are more of a statement-maker, it’s not bad to attract attention.

6. Fanny Packs

Fanny Packs


Fanny packs are convenient and all but they kind of make you look like a 90’s mom. Remember that hilarious picture of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson that went viral with him sporting a fanny pack? Yeah, that’s kinda how you look. It also depends on the type of fanny you buy. Instead of the grandma-style fannies, you can go for minimal mono-toned fanny packs that you can tie around your waist or match with a dress and sneakers for a chic look.

7. Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats


Bucket hats are really cute. On toddlers and old people if your face or head shape is not suited for it. It’s a better idea to wear a sweet and simple cap or even a sunhat. While it may not exactly be a cool attire for adults to wear, feel free to embarrass your kids by putting bucket hats on them and taking pictures for the gram’.

8. Overdrawn Lips

Overdrawn Lips

Daily Mail UK

After Kylie Jenner started sporting overlined lips and later getting lip fillers to achieve a fuller pout, the trend of overlining lips took off. But the thing is, overlined lips look very obvious and it’s a better idea to just work with the canvas you’ve got, even if it is a tad bit smaller. Natural and simple is the way to go. Plus, you can always focus on your eyes and make your eyes the center of attention. Contouring is another great way to draw focus away from your lips and onto your cheekbones.

9. Ridiculously Long Or Sharp Nails

Ridiculously Long Or Sharp Nails


Ridiculously long nails sure do look cool but after a point, they end up looking like talons more than nails. The sharper the nails, the more of a hassle they become, so keep them a little blunt (if you want to avoid injuring people). They’re also a pain to navigate around the world and do your regular chores with. It’s a better idea to keep your nails neatly trimmed and easy to type with. We cannot imagine the pain of breaking a long nail after you’ve grown it out for months on end. So, stick to keeping those nails trim and healthy.

The thing about fashion is that it is totally subjective and you can choose to dress however you want to. In the end, fashion is all about the confidence with which you choose to rock your outfit. Hence, we’d advise you to wear whatever makes you happy and leaves you feeling confident about yourself. Do let us know if you believe that any of these trends stood out to you.

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