9 Annoying Things You’ll Relate To If You Absolutely Hate Drinking Tea

By Niharika Nayak

“I hate tea” — if you’re someone who has ever uttered these words as an Indian, then you know the constant feeling of suffering from killer looks and disapproval from others. Chai is the soul-searching drink for many Indians to embrace that refreshing feel and get through the day. Sadly, for you, India is a country that runs on their chai and filter coffee, and if you admit to not liking either of them, you will definitely get some stare-downs. However, we sympathize with your pain, and maybe you only quit drinking tea for a certain amount of time. Maybe you just don’t enjoy the taste of brewed leaves in your mouth and would rather stick to drinking something milder like hot chocolate or a lemonade. We’re sure you’ve tried your best to develop a taste towards the beverage, but if you just cannot bring yourself to enjoy the taste of tea, here are nine annoying things that you will probably relate to:

1. Tea Lovers Have Tea Breaks And You Have… Nothing


Tea lovers have tea breaks, coffee lovers have coffee breaks and even smokers have smoke breaks. But you? Yes, there’s no such thing as water or a 7-Up break. You often feel jealous of your colleagues who get to slip away in the middle of work just to sip on some chai. It’s not that you will miss out on any fun, but it must be awkward to stand and socialize with a group of chai drinkers and you are the only one sipping on a different drink.

2. You Avoid Visiting Relatives To Avoid Being Offered Chai


Every Indian family will offer you some chai or coffee if you enter their home as a guest. This is so entrenched in our culture that movies will often show the nervous would-be bride making some chai for her future in-laws and hoping they give her their blessings. When you visit your relative’s house, mostly out of compulsion, it is almost impossible to refuse the formality of tea and snacks. The guilt trip after refusing also follows.

3. You’re Always Treated As The Outcast


People who enjoy tea will always treat you as an outsider, and even if you like drinking coffee, coffee drinkers may not accept you as their own. You probably struggle when you and your friends visit “chai tapris”, and there is nothing there that you can order. You’re often left ordering soda or some other fizzy drink or milkshake even if you don’t want to.

4. Everyone Thinks You’re On Some Weird Diet


What sort of diet involves only not drinking tea? Rather than accept the fact that you simply do not like tea, your friends will probably be in denial about it and refuse to believe you. Each time you tell them that you cannot or do not want to drink tea, they will probably look at you funny and ask you what kind of diet you are on or if you are lactose intolerant. On a lighter note, you better be able to take jokes lightly.

5. “Don’t You At Least Drink Chai During The Monsoon Season?”


When you say that you do not like to drink chai, you mean it! And that includes during chai-friendly weather like the monsoon or winter season. You would instead just stick to drinking what you prefer regardless of the weather. But it is normal to get questions like these when the majority of your friends and family love a cup of tea.

6. “What If Your Partner Loves Chai?”


Of course, you know that there is a huge possibility that your future or current partner is a huge fan of chai, and you have no qualms about it. After all, they can order whatever it is that they want, and you can order a beverage of your choice. Just because you do not enjoy chai doesn’t mean that you will force those around you to quit drinking or enjoying it, right? Plus, you would like to cross that bridge when you are comfortable with it.

7. “You Must Not Be A True Indian If You Hate Chai”


“Oh no, you’ve discovered my deep and hidden secret!”. One of the stupidest things people tell you is that they do not believe you are Indian if you are someone who dislikes chai. They would rather believe that you are from a foreign country than accept the fact that not everyone is a lover of chai.

8. You Despise The Term “Spill The Tea, Sis”


You have a hard time relating to all the chai memes and one-liners like “Chai Pee Lo Friends” and “Spill The Tea” etc. It must be hard to wrap your head around the chai-biscuit joy. Well, in case you didn’t know, spilling the tea basically means having a gossip session and some naughty exposure. We’re sure you would have questions like the following in your mind. Why can’t people come up with more innovative and easy ways to describe gossiping? What does spilling the tea even mean? If you enjoy your tea so much, why would you want to spill some? You hate how everyone under the sun is using this term to describe gossip.

9. “Try This Specially Brewed Tea, At Least!”


You probably want to climb up onto your rooftop and shout that you hate tea to the whole world when people try to push you to try their “special brews.” You don’t want to try any brew, and you are perfectly happy in your chai-less world. Even if the “special brew” your friend is giving you will give you magical powers or crazy hallucinations, you would rather not try it.

A steaming glass of tea might mean the world to many people, but it’s definitely not your “cup of tea”. In the end, the reality is that you hate tea, and nobody can change your perspective or try to change your mind no matter how much they try. Luckily for you, there are tonnes of other beverages that you can replace tea with. Like coffee, golden milk, lemon water, hot chocolate etc. Do let us know if you can relate to any of the problems we have mentioned in our article in the comment section below!

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