9 Things That No Woman Should Ever Have To Apologize For

By Niharika Nayak

It is good to stay grounded by accepting your mistakes when it’s due. There’s nothing wrong with apologizing, but if you find yourself feeling sorry in situations where you really shouldn’t be, you should know that beating yourself up will only cause mental health issues. Women are always taught to be sorry about things even when they haven’t done anything wrong. We often find ourselves apologizing first when we bump into someone or if we accidentally hurt someone. Sometimes we need genuine help when it comes to constantly apologizing. In certain cases, being blunt is usually the better option than being unsure of whether you really did something wrong. Sometimes, it’s better, to be honest with the ones around you to get a real response and stop beating around the bush. So here are examples of nine situations that women go through very often and how you shouldn’t be apologizing for it:

1. Wearing “Revealing” Clothes

Wearing “Revealing” Clothes


No one has the right to question your personal sense of style. Always keep that embedded in your mind. If you find yourself in a situation where someone is commenting on how short your skirt is or how tight your top is, all you need to do is give a stern reply or ignore it altogether. We suggest staying away from negativity and surrounding yourself with a positive and open-minded crowd. Whether you dress to impress or doll yourself up for a boost of self-esteem, never apologize for your outfit decisions from other people.

2. Choosing An Outfit Your Friend Likes


This is no Mean Girls movie. It’s raw and real in this hood, honey. If you’re out with your friends and you both seem to catch an eye for the same outfit, there is no harm in picking the outfit. Your friend and you can get the same outfit (what’s the big deal?) and wear it at different times. Or you can even twin together if you want to. Don’t feel sorry for having the same taste in clothes as your friends. After all, there has to be something that you must share to have become friends in the first place, right?

3. When Your New Haircut Makes You Regret Your Decisions


No, we don’t mean that you get mad and yell at the hairstylist! But do let them know that you might not have liked the haircut and let them know what type of hairstyles you prefer to sport. Don’t be upset though, we’ve all been there and have had terrible haircuts so there’s nothing wrong with being upset. Just make sure you don’t take out this frustration on some unsuspecting people around you. It will grow back to its original state soon!

4. When You Work While On Vacation


Yeah, it really is terrible to have to work on your vacation but these bills do need to get paid. If your friends are the kind who expect you to feel bad and apologetic for working on your vacation and refuse to understand your plight, remind them of how your job keeps your nails manicured and your fuel tank full (be as sarcastic as possible). Having said that, make sure you work on a holiday ONLY if it’s that necessary.

5. When You Find Yourself Attracted To Someone


Women need to stop apologizing for their feelings. It’s totally normal to find yourself attracted to a person of the same or opposite gender. Just as it is totally normal if you want to ask someone out. Never apologize for the way you feel. You shouldn’t even feel like you’re doing something wrong if you find yourself attracted to someone who is committed. Just make sure that you don’t overstep your boundaries in this regard and make a move on someone who is committed.

6. When You Get Paid On Day 1 And Splurge Your Money


Don’t give yourself a hard time for spending your own hard-earned money and wanting to buy things that genuinely make you happy and content. If you find yourself in a predicament where you’re the highest-earning member of your squad, don’t feel sorry for that. After all, it requires a lot of hard work to reach that position.

7. When You Go Out Partying Without Your Partner

When You Go Out Partying Without Your Partner


Look, every woman needs a ladies’ night every now and then. It’s totally normal to want to go out partying without your partner and have fun. However, it’s also extremely important that you keep your partner informed and you don’t do something stupid while you’re on it. Do not feel bad if someone points out that you are partying without your partner as it is none of their business.

8. When Turning Someone Down


Look, you cannot force yourself to go out with someone if you genuinely are not interested in them. Don’t feel sorry for saying no to someone who you’re not interested in. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’re extra rude to him or that you say rude or hurtful things, but you should definitely be upfront and blunt.

9. After You’ve Given Your Opinion


Never apologize for giving your opinion. It is your opinion and yours only. You can choose to give it whenever you wish to. If someone else believes that your opinion is wrong, then that’s a personal issue to them. If you are solid and steadfast about your opinions, nothing anybody else says, will change your mind.

We need to stop apologizing as much as we do and take up more space in society. When a man is “bossy”, he’s called “assertive” and “confident”, but when a woman is “bossy”, she’s called a slew of bad words and made fun of. When a man is apologetic, people appreciate him for being “sincere”, but when a woman is, she is looked upon as a “meek pushover”. On a positive note, the gender narratives are changing where it’s gradually becoming okay for men to cry and for women to speak their minds without being judged. So let’s kick these stupid stereotypes to the curb and start being unapologetic. Tell us if you agree with this article in the comment section below.

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