18 Painful Photos Every Girl Can Relate To

By Tanya Arora

An outfit gone wrong might be a laughing matter for your boyfriend, but a tragedy is a tragedy. Big or small. It counts. It matters. And we feel you.

As women, we face countless such tragedies each day and yet go through it all with a brave smile. Well, today we just want you to know that whenever any of the following calamities strike, you sure as hell are not alone.

1. Heartbreak is an empty compact powder case.

When that one compact powder cake that matches your skin perfectly and took you a million days to find finishes, your heart is riddled with a thousand cracks.

2. When the belt loop of your jeans pops right off.

And that usually happens when you’ve pulled your drooping jeans up by the very same loop for the umpteenth time.

3. Your size = out of stock.

Oh, the agony! No matter what you pick – from a cutesy bra to the coolest tee, when it comes to your size, the stocks always run out.

4. Pulling off the craziest facial expressions to keep your gloss from smudging.

It’s a rare talent to eat and keep your lipstick from smudging. Nobody wants to look like they just had a raw animal for lunch, especially when you have red lip color on.

5. Picking that one shade from a hand covered in swatches.

Buying a lip color is hard. Period. Add on top of that a tight budget and you end up wishing you could just keep asking the store for free samples!

6. When the pain of a chipped nail hurts more than a broken heart.

You spent hours at the parlor getting a manicure and then one of your nails chipped! Add to that the physical pain of a broken nail coupled with your money gone down the drain – way worse than a breakup!

7. The post-shower massacre scene in your bathroom.

No matter how gently you try to shampoo your hair, you still find the floor covered in several hair strands that died a grisly, foamy death under the shower!

8. Hair here, hair there, hair everywhere.

As if clogging the bathroom drain wasn’t enough for your hair, they gladly go on a suicide mission by getting tangled in the strangest places! Like your sunglasses for example.

9. This. Happens. Every. Single. Damn. Time.

You just bought a new pair of sheer pantyhose and it has already developed runs and snags. You’d think that with the progress of technology, snag-resistant pantyhose would come out, but no!

10. Blink and you lose!

Every time you’re applying mascara, the only thing that goes in your mind is “God no, I hope I don’t have to blink!”

And then you blink.

11. Raccoon eyes? Almost every day.

Sometimes you just forget that your fingers are not a slave to your eye makeup. They involuntarily reach up to satisfy that itch and – bam! Now you have raccoon eyes.

12. The life of every single scrunchie you own.

And even elastic hairbands! After just a couple of uses, the elastic always snaps in equal distances, leaving you with a hairband that’s no good for anything on this planet.

13. The struggle of keeping your nails out of harm’s reach.

Well, in the defense of all the ladies reading this, opening a cold drink can with your mouth only makes sense! You’re going to drink it from your lips anyway. Besides, those nails took weeks to grow, shape, and cost a bomb; so why waste them?

14. Getting your feet lost in your torn jeans.

If only your feet had eyes too and knew that this was the wrong hole to try to wriggle through! And also, that the real opening is at least 2 feet down south.

15. Trying to be thin ain’t a piece of cake.

Yes, you know it’s not fashionable to wear jeans that rip near your derriere. But at the same time, you can’t possibly resist that sinfully tempting piece of truffle cake!

16. Trying to fatten up ain’t a joyride either!

No matter what you do – the amount of sugar you eat, the crazy junk food sprees you go on, your metabolism is still way too good! Which means that whatever you buy will be at least two fists loose at the waist.

17. This is one of the worst tragedies to ever take place during the day.

You’re going about your day and suddenly, something pokes you hard against your girls! The culprit? The underwire. No wonder you think ten times before buying an underwired bra.

18. But the top spot goes to this one and only particularly annoying tragedy.

After years of practicing and now mastering the art of applying nail polish, you still have those days where it smudges just when it’s almost dried!

Painful, annoying and absolute mood dampeners as these tragedies may be, they still never deter you from looking good. No wonder they say the fairer sex is also the stronger one!

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