13 Personality Traits That Are Common Among Successful People

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We often admire successful people and tell ourselves that they probably are special and are built differently. After all, it would be hard to digest the fact that someone who is at the same level of skill set or IQ like us could go on achieving great things and we couldn’t. Another common trend is to regard successes as “overnight success”. The media focuses on one moment and makes it seem like the person almost hit the jackpot with that. However, if we observe a successful person from close quarters, we would realize that in most cases they are quite similar to us. And what is generally termed as “overnight success” is actually an accumulation of consistent hard work. Though we are similar to these successful people, it’s certain habits and personality traits that set them apart. In this article, we have compiled 13 such personality traits that you can also cultivate so as to make the best of your life:

1. Living In The Moment

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People who are successful refuse to dwell in the past or stress over the future. In the end, your past and future are not in your control. You are only in control of what is happening in the present moment. Only by taking control of your present can you shape your future, or right a wrong done in the past. So make the best of your life by living in the present.

2. Taking Responsibility For Their Mistakes

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It’s okay to screw things up once in a while. In the end, you’re only human, and humans make mistakes. If you notice that you’ve wronged someone or made an error in your judgment, you should own up to it. There is nothing embarrassing about admitting mistakes. You can only be successful if you set your ego aside once in a while.

3. Have A Positive Mindset

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This is something that is important as well. If you have a negative and pessimistic view of life, then you will never achieve success. It’s okay to think negatively sometimes or be down and out about something that is bothering you, but it’s silly to assume that everything in life is terrible just because you’ve had an off day.

4. Show Gratitude

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Successful people show gratitude to those who helped them get where they are. Whether it is partners, parents, investors, or friends, successful people don’t just build themselves up; they build everyone around them up. They help others around them achieve their goals as well. When your gratitude and respect towards others is genuine, it is reciprocated back as well. People will hold you in high regard and you will automatically maintain a good relationship with people around you.

5. Are Passionate

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People who are successful are highly passionate about what they love. They aren’t afraid to show that they are passionate about something. They do everything in life with a certain zest and aren’t afraid to be open about what they love. After all, it is their passion that has brought them to this stage of their lives.

6. Celebrate Victories With Others

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People who are successful aren’t afraid to celebrate their victories with those around them. They will not take the credit of others or hijack someone’s success. They are open and confident enough to let teammates, colleagues, or even juniors take the spotlight when the credit is due.

7. Are Open To Change

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Successful people are open to trying new things and don’t mind embracing change. They aren’t afraid to do something that is out of their comfort zone. In the end, the only thing in life that remains constant is change.

8. Wish Success For Everyone Around Them

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People who are successful wish for all those around them to also have a taste of success. They don’t harbor ill will or malice towards others and wish them plenty of happiness. If you want to be successful, you cannot hold grudges and wish bad things to others.

9. Consider The Point Of View Of Others

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Successful people do not trap themselves by being close-minded. They are open to the views of others even if those views do not match their own. There is a reason why most job interviews ask you if you are a team player, and that is because every job requires you to be open to some form of interaction.

10. Set Goals For Themselves

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People who are successful set goals for themselves and do not stress about what others are doing. While it is totally natural and a human instinct to compare yourself to others, you will get nowhere in your life if you overdo it. Your only competition should be yourself.

11. Know Exactly What They Want

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Successful people don’t beat around the bush. They know what they want, and they know that they are willing to do anything in order to achieve it. If you want to be successful, then you need to learn not to be afraid of failure and pursue what you want.

12. Are Always Learning New Things

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Whether you are a three-year-old or sixty-two, we guarantee that there is something new out there for you to learn. Those who say that they have finished all their learning are limiting their own success. If you want to achieve success in life, you need to be open to learn new things and not be afraid of failure.

13. Read Books

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Reading books is the quickest way to absorb all the knowledge out there. And successful people know a thing or two about this. Ask any CEO or top-level manager about their reading habits and chances are you will get an affirmative answer. Reading a book is also a great way to unwind and relax before you hit the snooze button. It is mentally stimulating and can have a calming effect before you hit the bed.

Try inculcating some of these habits in your regime and chances are that you will start seeing growth in your own area. Remember that success can mean different things to different people. So don’t just blindly compare your achievements to someone else’s. Be your own benchmark and try your best to identify what you are trying to achieve. Do let us know if these habits worked for you or not, in the comments below.

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