Pick The Happiest Couple & We’ll Share Something About Your Relationship!

By Chandrama Deshmukh

Imagine that there are three couples in front of you. We will be describing each couple and what exactly it is that they are doing, and at the end of it all, we will share something really, really interesting and insightful about your own relationship! Be sure to observe carefully and recreate the scene exactly in your head so that you don’t miss out on any of the minute details! It is important to visualize the couple’s body language as it will have a great impact upon your choice.

Let’s Get To It – Pick A Couple Scenario!

Couple 1: They are both facing each other and standing really close to one another. They are both holding wine glasses and seem to be lost in each other. They are possibly at a party.

Couple 2: It is winter and both of them are walking really close to each other. The man has his hands snugly inside his pockets while the woman is holding on to him. She has her eyes closed, indicating that she has put her complete trust in him.

Couple 3: They are both standing side by side and they are holding each other’s waists with one hand, while with the other they are holding each other’s hands. They both have their eyes closed indicating that they are absolutely comfortable with each other and are basking in the moment shared.

So, which couple do you think is the happiest amongst the three? Did you happen to imagine yourself and your partner in one of the scenes described above?

Before we give you the results and also an analysis of your own relationship, here’s another interesting scientific fact. It is indeed possible to tell what a relationship is like by simply observing how two people behave around each other!

Also known as a nonverbal communication, which happens through touch between two people, it is known as ‘haptics communication’ (1). Just like body language, it too can reveal a lot about what a person is thinking or going through at the very moment – even if they’re lying or being honest. This field happens to be a science in itself! Hence, don’t dismiss how telling nonverbal communication can be.

But we digress. So, have you made your choice yet? Don’t worry, there is no right or wrong answer here. It’s just a matter of what you perceive as happiness and what it is that makes you happy.

What Your Selection Reveals About Your Relationship

1. If You Picked Couple 1


From the picture that we have painted in this scenario, it indicates that both the man and the woman are proud of each other and do not shy away from showing the world that they are in love and belong to each other. They are not afraid of judgements of others or about what people or society as a whole think of them.

All that they are concerned about is their affection for each other and there is no way in hell they would ever want to hide this from anyone. They love being with each other and not just that – they also love telling the world that they love being with each other!

2. If You Picked Couple 2


This couple is walking on a cold winter day and are almost snuggling up to each other. However, while the man has his hands deep in his pocket, the woman is hanging on to him with both her hands. This indicates that the woman has a lot of influence over the man and is the driving force of his life. In fact, she is the driving force of not just his life but also of this relationship!

She is at the helm of this beautiful union and undoubtedly in charge. Whenever things seem to be going through a rough patch, she is the one who fixes it all. And she also gives unwavering and unmatched support to the man, always being his rock and never ever failing him. She is the one who gives him strength and encouragement when things don’t seem to be going in the right direction.

3. If You Picked Couple 3


The third couple is standing side by side in each other’s arms, holding hands. This might surprise you a bit but it means that the man is the leader here and he is the one who is in charge. He leads the way and makes major decisions, all the while making sure that the woman he loves is equally happy as well. In fact, her happiness is his biggest concern when he is taking those tough calls.

Does your own choice surprise you? It’s amazing how much we can interpret about a couple just by observing how they are around each other, isn’t it? Share this with your friends so they too can be surprised by their own power of observation!

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