12 Psychological Hacks That Will Help You Gain The Advantage In Social Situations

By Chandrama Deshmukh

Social gatherings can seem really scary at times. You may come across new faces and not know how to introduce yourself. There are other times where you may be having a conversation with someone but you cannot seem to control the pace or subject of the conversation.

But worry not, my friends. Today we will be presenting to you a solution to all your mingling worries! Below are 12 cool psychological hacks that will help you gain the upper hand in various social situations.

1. Finding Out Something From Someone


If you ever want to know about something from someone, you should begin by asking them a question. While they are busy answering your question, you must maintain eye contact with them even after they are done answering your question. This will cause them to start telling you a lot more about themselves, almost everything.

2. Trying To Convince Someone


If you ever want to persuade someone into believing what you are trying to say to them, you must ensure that the two of you are positioned in a certain manner. Make sure that the person you are trying to convince is standing while you remain seated. This creates a subconscious sensation of being in front of authority and makes the standee more inclined to take your words seriously.

3. Gaining Confidence


One of the easiest ways to prevent social anxiety and gain confidence at any social gathering is to approach the event in this manner! You must make yourself believe that everyone at the social gathering already likes you. Sounds absurdly simple and a tad too good to be true, but don’t knock it till you try it! This will truly allow you to feel more comfortable around everyone in the room.

4. Referring To People By Their First Names


One of the easiest ways to quickly form a sense of trust with whomever you are speaking to is to call them by their first name. It may not seem like a big deal but people love it when you call them by their names. Bonding with someone in a conversation can be a whole lot easier if you refer to them by their first name.

5.Knowing When Someone Is Attracted to You


If you notice that someone is blinking more often than normal while you are conversing with them, it is a sign that they find you attractive! Use this as a lead to impress them and take things forward (only as long as you are attracted to them as well)!

6. Spotting the Difference Between A Real Smile And A Fake One


A lot of people tend to smile while having a conversation. However, this does not always mean that they are really enjoying their conversation with you. A cool way to know when someone is faking their smile is by looking at their eyes. If they are really smiling, creases will form at the corners of their eyes. Use this method as a clue to know when to cut short a conversation with someone.

7. Paying Attention To A Person’s Feet


In order to know whether or not a person is interested in having a conversation with you, take a quick glance at their feet. If their feet are pointing towards you, it means that they are indeed devoting their attention towards what you are saying. However, if their feet are pointing in any other direction, it means that they are not interested in what you are saying.

8. Understanding Relationships


The next time you are at any social gathering, try cracking a joke and notice the people in the room when everyone is laughing (hopefully)! People that are close to each other will be looking at each other while laughing. Use this as a hint to understand the different dynamics and relationships the people around you share with each other.

9. Making People Do What You Would Like Them To


An easy way to make someone do something for you is to offer them a choice. When you offer someone the power to make a decision, there is a much higher chance of them completing what you are asking them to do.

10. Winning An Argument


If someone starts shouting at us during an argument, we naturally tend to shout back at them to hold our own. However, don’t do this. Instead keep your cool and reply back to them in a calm tone. This will frustrate the other person even more and impress people around you due to your level of composure.

11. Mimicking A Person’s Body Language


If you copy someone’s way of speaking or mimic their way of sitting, you will be able to build trust with them. This is because they will subconsciously feel that the two of you are compatible since you have something in common.

12. Inception


An easy way to spark someone’s thought process on a particular subject is by asking him or her to not think about it. For instance, I am asking you to NOT think about pizza. So… what are you thinking about?
Use these psychological hacks the next time you are at any social gathering. You are most likely going to enjoy yourself a lot more when you are able to know how others around you behave, as well as feel, when they’re around you.

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