17 Psychological Tricks That Will Help You Read People Like Open Books

By Tanya Arora

When the words you hear seem doubtful, you wish you could know what’s going on in a person’s mind. While a few can instinctively, or rather intuitively find out if the words or actions match the thoughts, most of us are not so lucky.

That is not to say you cannot read people. You can too! All you have to do is pay attention to the person’s body language. That’s a tell-all!

And to get you started, we’ve listed 17 signs that psychologists look out for in a person’s body language to read and comprehend people.

1. Closed Eyes


If the one you’re talking to closes their eyes mid-conversation, take that as a sign that they’re trying to hide themselves from the world. It might also seem that they’re simply tired of you and don’t want to talk anymore.

2. Mouth Covered With Hand


Do you find yourself suddenly raising your hand to cover your mouth? It’s an instinct left from childhood which indicates that you want to stop yourself from saying what you’re about to. Often this gesture can also manifest itself in the form of a fake cough.

3. Chewing On The Temple Tips Of Reading Glasses


A rather melancholic sign, if you know see someone you know doing that, go and give them a hug. Chewing on glasses shows that the person is deeply worried about something. Chewing on pencils, cigarettes, and even gum could all indicate the same.

4. The Way The Face Is Presented


When you rest your chin on your interlocked fingers, you might be trying to attract the person on the other side with the way you look. If someone looks at you this way, this is the right time to compliment them.

5. Chin Rubbing


This action is what many people indulge in when they are mulling over a decision they need to make. While rubbing their chin, they might be looking up, down, straight or even to the side. The line of sight doesn’t matter as they’re generally lost in thought and don’t care what they’re looking at.

6. Arms Crossed


A fairly common position, and often touted as a comfortable one, people adopt this pose when they want to shut themselves out from those they’re around. This posture can also signal that the person is annoyed or is not feeling good.

7. Fixing The Posture


Another sign of trying to attract someone, a woman would typically adjust her position to present her best angle. She will straighten her back to draw emphasis on her breasts and cross her legs. She may even put her hands down together to show she’s really listening to what one has to say.

8. Leaning Forward


Leaning forward is a sign of trying to make contact with someone you like. When getting into this position, your legs may not move but your upper half may lean forward.

9. Rubbing The Palms Together


Often associated with scheming, rubbing your hands together has a rather positive connotation. It means that you feel good and hopeful about something that’s going to happen in the future.

10. Palm Sandwich Handshake


Putting your palm on the other person’s palm can signal that you feel sympathetic. That said, this holds true when done instantly. In case you’ve already held someone’s hand this way for a while and the other person puts their hand on top of yours, they might be trying to show you they’re in charge.

11. Resting Another’s Palms On Top


Holding the other person’s hand from below is a way of telling them that you’re there for them and willing to help.

12. Touching When Shaking Hands


If someone touches your arm while shaking hands with you, it could hint at a lack of communication between the two of you. It could also mean that the other person wants company.

13. Fixing Your Tie


Men do this generally. When a man adjusts his tie in front of an attractive woman, he is trying to convey that he likes her. When that’s not the case, this gesture could signal discomfort or exhaustion.

14. Resting Feet On The Desk


From bad manners to a careless attitude, this posture can say a lot! It can also hint at dreaminess or disrespect.

15. Sitting Backwards On A Chair


Mounting your chair like a horse could mean that you’re irritated. It also shows that you have a dominant personality and don’t like to appear weak.

16. Toying With A Shoe


When a woman sits cross-legged and starts playing with her shoes, she wants her partner to notice her legs. It’s a sort of playful seduction.

17. Eye Contact


Looking into each other’s eyes means you’re not afraid to show your emotions as the pupils change their size as your feelings change! For example, when you’re angry, your pupils become very small.

The human body can sometimes convey so much that words fail to! So, when you’re confused regarding how to feel about a person, pay attention to these signs to get some clarity.

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