11 Real Struggles Of An Outfit Repeater!

By Tanya Arora

Unless you’re the queen of somewhere, you have no choice left but to repeat your outfits. Your wardrobe is neatly divided into stacks of clothes for different occasions, seasons, and reasons. And since you know where what is, you just simply pull out from that pile of college or office wear and leave the rest untouched. Unless circumstances call for it.

In fact, you’re so good at recycling and repeating your own clothes that you’re almost very proud of it! But behind that pride lies the pain of a girl who knows what it’s like to survive on a handful of clothes. That unspoken hurt that nobody talks about has been felt by you to the deepest extent. Which is why we are here to talk about it!

Here are eleven trials that you, the outfit repeater, frequently face. Yes, the struggle is real!

1. Your daily wear turns into a uniform.

Whether you go to college or work, you are so used to wearing the same set of clothes every day, that the morning procedure of taking out clothes can be carried out by you blindfolded! Each set of clothing is labeled for a particular day in your head. And you know exactly what you’re going to wear next Monday!

2. When you die a little inside because you wore the same dress to the same party previously.

This has got to be the worst pain of all! Especially since this dress is also your favorite. It’s like when you say you have nothing to wear – but you actually mean it.

3. Dressing to impress your boyfriend is equal to some serious strategic outfit planning.

You can’t help but wonder what it’s like to be one of those girls who always have a new dress ready for every date. For you, choosing an outfit for a date night with your bae is so hectic that you can’t help but make the “honey, I’m sick!” phone call.

4. Wearing a new dress is a once in the bluest of blue moons occasion for you.

And despite its rarity, it’s still a joyous occasion! Because once you wear a new dress, everybody notices and makes sure to compliment you on it!

5. Mixing and matching the wildest of outfits is your thing.

Most other girls can’t even think of the outfit combinations you come up with. That too with just one simple white tee! You wear it with a skirt to a brunch, with a pair of jeans for an all-girls hangout, and with culottes for casual Fridays at work.

Now, that’s talent!

6. Yes, your jeans collection is pretty humble with one black and one blue.

Your secret to keeping them looking fresh and new each day? The trusty washing machine! And when the color begins to fade, you just wear them as ‘distressed’ jeans. In short, you go girl!

7. Nobody noticing your outfit just gives you the chance to repeat it some more.

By this time you’re so used to repeating your clothes that you actually kind of enjoy it. After all, you get some extra winks of sleep because of it. You never really have to ponder over the question of what to wear. And the days when nobody notices your outfit, you just take it as the opportunity to be lazy one more day and then wear the same damn thing!

8. You’re the only one who gets the risk of repeating the same clothes.

None of your friends know about the calculated risks you have to take when you’re repeating an outfit. Only you know that as long as it’s a different set of people, you can get away with the same dress, the same shoes, and even the same earrings!

9. It’s not really repeating an outfit when you accessorize it differently.

It’s this logic that keeps you going from one party to the next with the same dress. And you are eternally grateful for the invention of various accessories and endless hairdos! Seriously, thank God for that.

10. When you cut off your nose to spite your own face by Instagramming your entire outfit.

And there goes your chance of repeating it again, now that the whole world knows about it. Flaunting your style on social media never really works to your advantage.

11. That one dress you love so much you take it everywhere.

You’ve worn it a thousand times and you still can’t get enough! You have thousands of pictures in it, in every single place imaginable – from the beach to the movies. And you’ve worn it so many times that your friends now believe you’ll take it to your grave!

Despite the struggle, you still know how to hold your head up high even when repeating clothes. You are truly a fashion guru because you possess the talent of whipping up a magical outfit with very little options!

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