11 Relationship Situations You Should Never Put up With

Written by Tanya Arora

Relationships, in general, are far from ideal. But that’s what makes them special! The unexpected quirks of your partner, the small fights, the kiss and make up later – these are the things that make a relationship seem real and worth it.

However, despite these small imperfections that are crucial for the very existence of a relationship, there are still certain situations that neither you nor your partner should put up with.

What are these, you ask? Check them out below!

1. When Your Partner Doesn’t Let You Take Care Of Them


Being in relationship means being part of one and the same team. So when your partner allows you to stick through in health but not in sickness, you shouldn’t just accept it as if it’s okay. And neither should you do the same. You should allow each other to support each other – whether the times are good or bad.

2. When The Sex Seems Boring

When you’ve been together a long time, it’s natural for the fire to settle at a low flame. And as bad as you may want that ‘between the sheets’ problems to disappear spontaneously, minus the awkward conversation – that’s not going to happen. Talk to each other without hesitation about how you two can spice things up in the bedroom.

3. When You Have To Hide Your Quirks


The reason could be anything – you may have seen your partner’s disapproval at a similar habit of someone else’s or you may be just too embarrassed to unleash your crazy side. Whatever it may be, accept that everyone has their own quirks and try to share these with your partner. Who knows, you may even have pretty similar idiosyncrasies.

4. When Your Partner ‘Hates’ Kids

Hey, not everybody likes kids! You know that. And if you have a problem with the fact that your partner gets annoyed at the mention of kids or acts indifferent, you should talk it out instead of bottling it up inside. Family planning can always take a backseat for a later date. Unless you’re too old, that is.

5. When Finances Become An Issue


Sometimes the budget is just too tight, and there’s no scope of getting that item of luxury that you or your partner may want. However, if your partner still insists on getting something that is not required, you shouldn’t let them. Agreed that money can be a sensitive topic for a conversation. But if you do it tactfully, you will be able to maintain that budget without trouble.

6. When Their Drawbacks Become Too Much To Handle

Finding one sock in the dresser and the other lying on the bathroom floor can be really annoying. But you shouldn’t keep the anger in or just put the entire blame on your significant other. Discussing it peacefully is important.

7. When You Don’t Get Space


Doing things together is amazing. However, sometimes things get exhausting and you need some time alone. Your partner may feel the same. Hence, both of you should understand that desiring some me-time doesn’t mean the love is gone.

8. When Your Partner Stops Sharing Personal Issues

Think about it. How is everything in your bae’s life so hunky-dory all the time? That’s not even possible. If you think your partner is holding back discussing personal issues, let them know that silence can make it worse. Offer your support as much as you can so they can open up.

9. When Your Partner’s Parents Interfere Too Much


Making a good impression in front of your partner’s parents and getting them to like you is great progress. But it can get too much when they start interfering in your lives or try to control every aspect of it. In such a situation, let your partner know how you feel by reminding them that you, as a couple, are a family of your own now.

10. When Plans For The Future Are Not Discussed

Doing right is not necessary if it stifles you. Unnecessary sacrifices are always trouble. Talk to your partner about your dreams and see what they have to say. If it contradicts with their dreams, you can always discuss the best alternative.

11. When Appearance Becomes An Issue


Everyone desires a physically attractive mate. But at the end of the day, it’s important for both of you to not point out each other’s shortcomings and rather focus on what’s beautiful. Looks are not the only reason you fell in love anyway.

While it’s important to discuss the above-mentioned issues, there are still some topics of conversation you must avoid. Comparing your partner to others, highlighting their weakness, passing negative comments about their friends or family or bringing your ex into the conversation are strictly off limits. Nonetheless, keep an open mind and heart when talking to your partner and always be patient. That’ll iron out all the kinks in your relationship!

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