3 Rituals Couples Who Are Still Passionate About Each Other Do Daily

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3 Rituals Couples Who Are Still Passionate About Each Other Do Daily
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In most fairy tales, the beautiful princess marries the prince charming, and they live happily ever after. But if that were the case with everyone, the world would be a paradise. We all know what being in love for the first time feels like. The poets, playwrights, and singers of the old weren’t selling us a lie. New love sparks passion in you. Music sounds different and rather beguiling while colors seem to shine brighter when you are in love. You exist in a perpetual state of potent arousal – psychological, romantic, and emotional. However, as soon as the honeymoon period is over, the rosy shades come off and you focus on other things in life. But does that mean that your passionate love life has to fade away? No, siree! Here in this article are some everyday rituals you can do that will keep your love life blooming forever.

1. Cuddle In Bed

Cuddle In Bed

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No matter what debacle is going on in this world, it is absolutely vital that you take some time in the morning, after you wake up to hold your partner close. It doesn’t matter what morning commitments you may think you have. Even if you are a fitness freak who craves and needs an early morning run, cuddling comes first! If your partner isn’t in the habit of waking up early, don’t deliberately wake them up before their time just because you have priorities. That may make your partner resent you in the long run. Instead, go earlier in the morning, shower, and then cuddle with your partner who is just waking up. Maybe the two of you are new parents who have the task of pacifying a crying baby each morning. Then, check on your little one, and once you’re done attending to them, reach for the love of your life. Ideally, spend half a minute to a whole minute or more in bed, snuggling up to your better half. Beginning the day in such a way really helps in setting that quintessential tone of an intimate relationship.

2. Find Some Time To Text Or Call Each Other

Find Some Time To Text Or Call Each Other

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Workdays can be long, exhausting, and rather mind-numbing. It is when you and your partner part ways and the distance, compounded by mental stress can take a toll on the best of people. You should be your partner’s sanctuary in the big bad world. You don’t really need to pester the love of your life into unproductivity, but a few cute texts here and there throughout the day can brighten not only your day but your partner’s day as well. It could be a short message that can be anything from flirtatious to humorous or just a quick call letting them know you’re genuinely interested in how their day’s going. And if you are having a really bad day when your partner calls you to tell you how much fun they are having at the office, you need to find happiness in theirs and be happy for them. Later you can say that you were having a bad day and you would like to hang out with them to take the stress away.

3. Have A Heart To Heart Conversation

Have A Heart To Heart Conversation

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A good communication line is the backbone of any solid, long-term passionate relationship. In the best of relationships, life gets in the way, and moods fluctuate. Any marriage counselor will tell you that the real culprit behind most broken marriages is poor or ineffective communication. As bizarre as it sounds, somewhere down the line, it’s difficult for couples to express themselves. Instead, they wait for their partner to gauge their mood and read their mind. This usually ends in anger, bitterness, and resentment. Hence, taking the initiative to let your partner know your genuine concerns and feelings, good or bad, can make all the difference. In this given time, you and your partner should try to grasp each other’s emotional wavelength

There is no denying that, with time, the passion may not be as blooming as it was on the first day, but there are ways to reignite the spark. All it requires is an honest effort from your end to make everything perfect between you and your partner again. And, of course, a little patience goes a long way. Since you and your partner are two different individuals, you most likely have different likes and dislikes and could be having a bad day while the other is having the best time of their life. Make sure you step foot in each other’s shoes and see what the other person could be feeling. So, what is your secret to keeping the spark ignited? Let us know in the comments section!


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