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17 Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life Which He Never Talks About Unless You Ask Him

By Chandrama Deshmukh

Men are different from women, especially when it comes to expression. Men like to keep certain thoughts to themselves precisely because the consequences of sharing them might affect the relationship in their mind. A healthy relationship, however, is an exchange; both partners need to communicate constructively to share their hopes and fears in a way that allows mutual growth. As a woman, make sure that you don’t misread your partner’s thoughts by not paying attention or reading ‘too much’ between the lines. Here are some things that men like to keep to themselves, more often than not:

1. Girlfriends Before You


You may want to know every detail about your partner’s exes, but there is a good reason why he doesn’t share too much about them with you. Men like to focus on the lessons to be learned in their current relationship as opposed to dwelling upon the mistakes they made in the past. They want to be happy with you now than get sad about what happened earlier.

2. Ill Health

Your partner doesn’t tell you that he has fever because he doesn’t want you to get worried about it. He knows you will, once you find out. They let it pass, unless it’s a major concern and he needs your support.

3. Gadgets And What’s On Them


You like your privacy. And so does your partner.

What your partner is doing on the phone may be trivial and harmless, but the act of you going through his phone is a cause of concern for him. He trusts you to trust him, and no matter the reason, he won’t like you going through his phone or wallet at any given time. Ask him instead.

4. Habits That May Not Be So Good

He may be a smoker, a drinker, or messy, but he won’t like you questioning him about it. Accept him the way he is, but if it negatively impacts your life or relationship, discuss the issue with him.

5. Who’s That Girl?


It’s natural for humans to get distracted by beauty. This tendency is not limited to men; women check out pretty faces and bodies too. Instead of commenting on his distraction, you should join the fun of appreciating beauty together.

6. Imagination In Bed

There may be many sexual acts that your partner fantasises doing with you, but he may not share them every time. However, women tend to be more sexually inclined. Hence, you can definitely be the catalyst in making sure that you and your partner’s urges find fruition during your sexual union.

7. X-Rated Content


Yes, men like that. Women enjoy it too, but it’s likely for you to find more adult content on your male partner’s phone than on your own gadget. He won’t admit it or show it to you, but be okay with it being there. It’s just window shopping.

8. Hanging On To The Past

There are certain things men don’t forget easily and may hold you accountable for at a later point. Whether it’s what you said or a habit of yours that gets him worked up, he may not share his frustration at that given time but will be sure to hold onto if you keep repeating it.

9. What They Lied About


It’s possible that there is information that stays with your partner and never reaches you. Everyone indulges in white lies – they are told in the spur of the moment to avoid any argument and are generally harmless. However, be sure to check if your gut tells you that he is hiding something big.

10. Emotional Intelligence

Men may have some, but women tend to do better in this area. Your partner may not openly share his need for emotional support, but give it to him anyway.

11. Anxiety


Your partner wants to make you happy, but wonders a lot about whether he is actually making you happy, especially in bed. He won’t ask, but your partner enjoys being told how good he is in bed. If you share how handsome he is, or how satisfied you’re after sex, that would instantly transport him to cloud no. 9.

12. Counts On You

He may open a door for you or pull the chair for you to sit, but he won’t ever tell you directly how good it makes him feel when you’re standing next to him. Make sure to be by his side.

13. Cuddling


Sex is one thing, but cuddling with a partner is all about connection and care. Your partner may not share his desire to just hold you in his arms all day, but do cuddle with him any chance you get.

14. Disagreement

Yes, you are a team but you’re also two individuals with distinctly different personalities. How couples work together is one thing, but let’s remember that each partner likes to do things in a certain way and may not like to have decisions forced on them.

15. Promise Of A Long Lasting Relationship


Commitment takes time and work. Your partner may be looking at compatibility, financial stability, and how you support each other before he makes up his mind about a commitment. Let him be that way. You might want to think about those things too.

16. Morning Wood

Yes, this happens to every man. That early morning guest in his boxers can make an appearance due to sexual thoughts or blood flow. He won’t tell you, but he’s got one.

17. Fear Of Loss


He wants you, so obviously he is afraid of losing you. But you will never hear it directly from him!

Now that you know most of the secrets that men carry while they are in a relationship, be sure to make the right moves, ask the right questions and let go of certain harmless details to have a long, healthy relationship with your partner.

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