10 Secrets Women Keep From Men!

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh

When it comes to expressing feelings, women and men could not be more different. Women love to share their thoughts, especially with their significant other. However, they also know when it is wise to hold something back from their partner, especially when the secret could hurt feelings, or cause friction in the relationship. Here are some of the most common secrets that we, women tend to keep from our partners.

1. We Want To Do It With You As Much (If Not More) As You Want To


Surprise, surprise! When it comes to getting frisky between the sheets, men aren’t the only ones thinking about it. Women have their urges too, as much, if not more, as men. Only, we are often too shy to share it with our partners, or fear being judged.

2. We Are Still Curious About Our Exes


Not because we have feelings for them (except hate, maybe), but because the sheer joy of looking at them age like an old potato is really fulfilling.

3. What We Really Feel About Your Folks


As much as we like you, we may not always like your family. But we can’t let you know that because, we know you love them dearly, and it would hurt your feelings. After all, no one wants to hear ill about his or her own folks. We will just conveniently excuse ourselves whenever they’re around.

4. Sometimes, We Hold On To Keepsakes From Our Old Relationships


Reminiscing over old memories is something we all do. Holding on to that first ever love letter, or that cute little charm bracelet presented by our very first crush, are only – and only! – keepsakes.

5. “I Have A Headache,” Is A Perfectly Legit Excuse To Skip Getting Dirty Tonight


There will be days, and nights, when we are legitimately too tired to indulge in action. If we hit you with an excuse, take the hint, and back off. While most times we will deny you the pleasure because we are truly tired, but sometimes, it’s because we’re low-key mad at you.

6. Yes, We Do Fake It At Times


Since enough literature has already been published about this, it no longer is a secret. Women fake the big-O, all the time. And it’s a win-win. Why? Because, in a relationship, partners want to make each other happy, outside and inside the bedroom. Faking it occasionally, is a harmless little tool we use from time to time to keep you happy.

7. Commitment Does Scare Us Too


While it is considered to be a predominantly male trait, the phobia of committing to a partner is not something exclusive to men. Women experience it too. Commitment phobia usually stems from unpleasant past experiences such as a nasty break-up, having gone through an abusive relationship, or even for reasons as simple as not being sure of your feelings towards the other person. If we are scared to commit to a relationship with you, give us time and try to understand.

8. No, We Don’t Want To Know About That Time You Made Out With Your Ex

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One of the biggest turn-offs in any relationship is talking about an ex. No woman wants to hear her partner talk or discuss their ex beloveds. And she most certainly does not want to know about that one night when you made out with your ex in the back seat at the parking lot.

Fearful of appearing attached too soon, many women will pretend to play cool when you talk about your exes. But, let it be known, now and forever, it does bother them very much. Also keep in mind, if your ladylove starts becoming indifferent to your ex-talk, it’s pretty much a ‘game over’ for your relationship.

9. When We Say We Need Space, We Usually Mean The Exact Opposite

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This is a trick statement that all men must be made aware of! When we say we need some space, especially after a fight, we mean the exact opposite 99% of the time! Instead of leaving us and wandering off somewhere, stay right by us and talk to us. If you disappear after a fight to give us space, be prepared to receive a generous dose of silent treatment upon your return.

10. Deep Within, A Small Part Of Us Hates You A Bit


And, that is true! Because, it is not you, but us who bleed once a month from our nether regions, while there’s literally a WWIII going on inside our abdomen. Or the fact that you don’t have to experience puking, the weird food cravings, the fat belly, sores, aches, and everything else that accompanies being pregnant.

So, there you are folks. These are some of the most well-preserved secrets that women have been keeping from men, often for their own good. After all, a little mystery only adds to the charm, does it not?

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