7 Uses Of Milk That Will Definitely Come In Handy In The Future

Written by Niharika Nayak

Turns out that milk doesn’t just belong in the kitchen. The calcium-rich product is probably quite common in your daily diet and for the health of your baby, there are some uses that you might be unaware of. Milk has a lot of alternative uses, and it can be put to use for a lot of different things. From cleaning your leather furniture and shoes to becoming the first choice to fight off any cold sores and infections, milk can do it all. While milk might not be a part of many people’s diet for ethical reasons (we see you, vegans), if you are someone who is a dairy lover, then you will be happy to know that milk can be more beneficial around your house than you might think. Here are a few uses of milk that extend past your kitchen or diet:

1. To Soothe A Burning Eye

To Soothe A Burning Eye


Flushing out your eye with milk might seem quite unreal at first, but it can have quite a soothing effect when it comes to keeping your eye fresh. If you’ve accidentally found yourself at the receiving end of a pepper spray, or you’ve rubbed your eye after eating some hot sauce, fret not. Just flush out your eyes with some milk, and you’ll be perfectly fine! The reason why milk is better than water in this aspect is that water provides less relief and the burn overpowers it faster than normal. But milk would slow down the burning process sooner.

2. As A Fertilizer In Your Garden

As A Fertilizer In Your Garden


Milk was often used as a fertilizer during the olden days. This is because it helps your plants grow and get healthier by preventing rotting. Milk can also help plants fight off anything that might be causing it harm. During the rainy season, humid climates reduce calcium in stems, slowing their growth. Milk comes in handy to save your dear plant. You need to let the milk soak into the soil to see the correct results. However, it is important that you don’t use any other fertilizers while you’re using milk.

3. To Soothe An Itch

To Soothe An Itch


Don’t you hate it when you get an itch that you cannot locate the exact spot to scratch? Well, there is one way that you can deal with it. All you need to soothe an itch is a little bit of milk. Just take a cotton ball and dab the milk onto the itch. There are a lot of ways in which you can soothe an itch, but milk is definitely one way to quickly fix an itch that you might not be able to scratch. So instead of rubbing your eyes roughly until it turns red, a few drops of milk will do the deed.

4. Can Improve The Texture Of Your Hair

Can Improve The Texture Of Your Hair


Milk will not only help your hair grow, but it will make it stronger and much shinier. It can also help to smoothen and relax your hair. This is great if you don’t want to use heat products like a hair straightener or hair dryer. All you need is a small spray bottle, three-quarters of milk, and a wide-toothed comb. Once the bottle is full, start spraying it in your hair, and massage it deeply into your scalp before you comb out all the tangles in your hair. Let it soak into your hair and then wash it off so that there isn’t a bad smell later. This may help smoothen and straighten wavy hair, but it won’t fully fix curly hair.

5. As A Makeup Cleanser

As A Makeup Cleanser


Besides being incredible for our hair, milk is amazing for our skin as well. Instead of spending insane amounts of money on a make-up cleanser or using chemical products to take your make-up off, you can use milk! Just soak the milk in a cleansing pad or on a cotton ball and slowly wipe off the make-up from your face. One of the biggest benefits of using milk instead of a chemical cleanser is that the fat and protein in milk can help keep your skin super hydrated and this can help it retain its moisture. If you are too broke to invest in a makeup cleanser, just open the fridge and use that leftover milk!

6. To Reduce Inflammation From An Insect Bite

To Reduce Inflammation From An Insect Bite


Since milk is loaded with proteins and contains ingredients that provide you with a soothing effect, all you need to do is soak it with a handkerchief and apply it to the skin that is inflamed. This same mixture can also be used on sunburns and thus are a great quick fix for insect bites. If you’re someone with uber-sensitive skin, then you should definitely consider using a handkerchief that has been dabbed in milk to help soothe any pain or burning sensation that you might be facing because of the bite.

7. To Clean Leather

To Clean Leather


Milk can be of great help when it comes to getting rid of any scuffs and stains that might be making your leather products look bad. Milk can work on leather products like shoes, your leather couch, and even handbags and purses. Not only is milk an inexpensive way to fix your products, but it is also a way to make sure that the natural oils present in the materials are preserved and remain unaffected. However, don’t forget to thoroughly clean off any residue that might be left by the milk, or else it will smell absolutely terrible.

Some of the uses must come as a surprise for you, but it can definitely work as a good hack to switch things up. From the age-old Roman way of producing goat cheese to using milk protein in our shampoos today, this is one of the most versatile ingredients to use to your advantage. In the end, milk is an extremely inexpensive way to fix things around your house, and hence, it’s a good idea to keep it around for non-drinking purposes as well. Do let us know if you learned something new from this article in the comment section below!

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