10 Interesting Facts About Sex You Probably Did Not Know

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In the world wide web of information that is available at our fingertips today, questions about sex are perhaps the most sought after information. And why not? After all, we are progressively moving towards a culture where we can actually talk about it without using innuendos, double entendres, and hushed tones.

To soothe your mid-week blues, we have rounded up some interesting facts about sex from around the world that will make you laugh and make love (cheesy yes, we know!)

#1 Squat, Push Up, Sex

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Read this carefully. The next time you feel lethargic and too lazy to head to the gym or get annoyed that your partner wants to go for a run instead of a cuddle session with you on Saturday morning, go against your instincts.

The physical activity of exercise increases the flow of blood to a man’s genitals, corresponding to an enhancement of sexual function. This leads to a much more enjoyable session of rolling in the covers. Men’s testosterone levels are at their optimal best during and just after exercise, so bypass the café on the way home after the run and head straight to your bedroom.

What’s more? Sex burns calories, too, as we well know. But right after a workout, it adds to the number of calories we have already burned during exercise. Need we say more?

#2 Good Things Come In Small, Speedy Packages

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Ever see that popular social media meme about the mother carrying the child for 9 months, and the child turning out to be exactly like the father? That’s because a single sperm apparently carries 37.5 MB of male DNA data.

The sperm also happens to be the sprint specialist of the reproduction ecosystem. That first ejaculation batch travels at 28 MPH. Just like Usain Bolt would.

Oh, and just in case you wondered, a teaspoon of sperm is about 36 calories. Not that we particularly researched this information so that you could read it.

#3 Blame It On The Eggs

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A colleague on the floor suddenly smelling good to you? Have the sudden urge to have sex with someone, anyone, the ex from high school? Well, ladies, blame it on the eggs.

If you are ovulating, you are more prone to adultery. The eggs want to be fertilized; it’s human nature. So don’t go around feeling bad about your lustful tendencies.

#4 One Pumpkin Latte To Go, Please

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And if you really can’t avoid coffee on the way back from your run, make it a pumpkin latte. Pumpkin and its smell are instant aphrodisiacs for men. Bake him a pumpkin pie, if you feel particularly creative. Oh, and don’t forget to grab an apple for yourself on the way back. An apple a day keeps sexual dysfunction at bay. Apples increase libido as well as lubrication in women, enhancing the sexual function.

And what’s better than sharing a bar of chocolate before or during sex, the best-known aphrodisiac to mankind.

#5 Orgasmic Nipples

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Your genitals aren’t the only organs that swell with arousal, your breasts and your inner nose do, too. The enhanced flow of blood during sexual activity causes a swelling in these areas, nothing to worry about, of course.

And if you ever wonder why you would like your partner to play with your nipples when you are close to orgasm, it’s because stimulation there causes orgasmic contraction of your vaginal walls. This, in turn, releases oxytocin, which causes that feeling of intense joy.

Don’t forget to return the favor. Stimulating your partner’s nipples increases his chances of orgasms too.

#6 Crocodile Rock

Not the Elton John song, but apparently, crocodile dung acts as a contraceptive. Now, before you go all Steve Irwin on your partner, the last people to use this were the ancient Greeks. If you’re wondering how they knew crocodile dung acted well as a contraceptive, so are we. Maybe it was the repulsive factor? We’ll never know now.

#7 Clit Fact Check

The clitoris has around 8,000 nerve fibers. Boom! Now that’s an explosion of sensations. Perhaps this is why women feel their orgasm more than men do. In comparison, the penis contains only around 4,000 nerve fibers. Indulge in some clitorial stimulation with your partner’s penis for double the pleasure!

#8 Out Of My Mind

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If you’ve ever had sex, and during the activity, you were thinking about dinner or the Powerpoint you have to present tomorrow, think no further. That was bad sex!

The amygdala part of a woman’s brain tends to shut down during an orgasm – there’s no room for fearful or depressive thoughts during this time.

Your body movements during an orgasm are involuntary, and muscle spasms are not worrisome even if uncommon.

#9 Your Fat Paychecks Are Not Orgasmic…

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… to your partner. And here’s the proof that our doubts were valid. Some studies have found that men with partners drawing more salary than them could suffer from erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, more sexual activity between partners can lead to better paychecks for both of them. Talk about productivity and sex in the same breath.

#10 Fatter, Longer, Stronger

There are studies that have shown that fat men last longer in bed. This is not an excuse to extend the beer belly, of course. But it apparently has to do with the time taken to ejaculate among fat men.

If you’re reading this during your lunch break, you know what to pick up on your way home. And use the confidence from your sexual workout to ask your boss for a bigger raise during appraisal season.

Plus, now that you are enlightened with these shockingly interesting facts about sex, your wow quotient has certainly swelled. Oops! Increased.

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