6 Obvious Signs a Person Secretly Likes You

‘He loves me, he loves me not… he loves me, he loves me not… he loves me, he loves me not…”

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives – spending those long nights wondering, ‘does he really like me or not?’ And the answer to that was sometimes never found – he never made a move! What could you have done?

Well, you could’ve kept an eye out of for certain telltale signs, that’s what! At least according to some lovely, albeit anonymous, lovers on the Internet who believe that body language is the way to express feelings.

So quit waiting for a confession of love to find out if he likes you. Just watch out for these signs to know if he is really interested in you.

1. Smiling Involuntarily


As soon as you step in front of him, a rainbow strikes the sky, birds chirp and it’s all roses and butterflies! Or, at least for him. And you will know because he won’t be able to help but smile! In fact, if he feels strongly for you, he might even raise an eyebrow when he sees you. Without realizing it of course. Basically, whatever he’ll do, he’ll do it without knowing.

Apart from smiling like an idiot, if you happen to be in a group with him, he’ll look at you the most. If someone cracks a joke and everybody cackles, his eyes will be on you!

2. Either Get Too Close Or Avoid You


Love is extreme, they say. And so are the ways in which love is expressed! The guy who is into you may choose to express his feelings in two ways – he might either try to get close to you or find excuses to avoid you!

If he belongs to the former category, he will try to go wherever you go, just so he can ‘accidentally’ bump into you and get to touch you. Not in a creepy way though. For example, he may try to give you a hug when you’re down or a pat on the shoulder to say ‘hi.’

If he’s the avoiding kind, you’ll find him talking rather rudely to you. This might be because he feels it’s good to hide what he feels or he thinks he’s not good enough for you.

3. Watch You Closely


If he has a crush on you, he’s going to keep a keen eye on you at all times. In fact, he’ll keep reading your Facebook posts, tweets etc. again and again just because he may discover a new detail, which he previously missed. He may do this all the more if you’re not into him; as for a one-sided lover something is better than nothing.

But if you catch him watching you, he’s going to try and make desperate attempts that he wasn’t even remotely interested. Suddenly, the coffee mug will seem like an object of interest or the waiter the right person for a hearty conversation.

4. Talk Differently


This can happen in two ways:

Scenario 1: This is usually a wisecrack but when he sees you, he starts talking like a true romantic. His poetic and philosophical side comes out and he finds it extremely easy to speak on the most bizarre, complex and yet interesting topics. On the contrary, if he’s the boring kind, he may turn extremely funny!

Scenario 2: He’s the smartest guy, very intelligent and sharp but he is dumbed down lately. Especially when you are around. Even his sentences seem broken when he tries to speak to you.

5. Talk About You To Others A Lot


People, in general, talk a lot about their ‘special someone’ to others. And this is regardless of whether he is in a serious conversation about work. If your name comes up, he won’t be able to help but divert his attention to you. Interestingly, he can also talk about you negatively if he likes you. But nothing harsh! Just something like, ‘she’s so clumsy.’ Besides that, in the middle of a conversation with someone else, he may even try to point out similarities that exist between you and him.

6. Like What You Like


All his life, he may have actively hated cats but now that he knows you’re a cat lover, he’s fallen in love with them too! It’s his love for you that opens him up to other areas of interest he never thought he’d explore before.

Apart from these signs, there are a couple of other major signs too. One is that he will stalk your social media profile. And the second is that when you guys are hanging out, he will place his hand on the small of your back. This to show that he will always be there and take care of you. So if you see a guy displaying all or most of these signs, you can be sure he has a crush on you!

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