How To Recognize If A Woman Is Lying And Why She Really Does It

Written by Tanya Arora

Turns out folklore got Pinocchio wrong all along. No, not the fact that he was a liar, but the fact that he was a guy. He really should have belonged to the fairer sex! Not to be sexist, but a recent poll has shown that women spin more yarns than men do on a daily basis whether it’s in regards to their work, diet or dating life (1).

The good news though is that most of these lies are harmless. The bad news is that when women lie, they give themselves away by displaying little signs. These signs can help men find out exactly when they are fibbing. However, knowing a woman is being untruthful and calling her on it is unfair when the reason is yet to be known.

Here’s how to know when a woman is lying and her possible reasons for the same.

Signs Of A Lie

The language a woman adopts is the biggest giveaway of when she is lying. Here are the telltale signs of a lie:

1. Lips

Lips may have uttered the lie but they also give it away. According to psychologists, when women lie, they have the tendency to bite their lip or lick them (2). They may also swallow hard. Psychologists explain they do these things because they get anxious when they are lying.

2. Tone Of Voice

Sure, she may try to sound collected, but a woman’s tone of voice can be an indication of when she is lying. When she is upset and lying, she will quickly move from a high to a low tone (3). Moreover, she may also speak a lot without making much sense and may also repeat or rephrase the same things.

3. Way Of Expressing

Not only is her tone of voice a measure for knowing the honesty of her words, but her way of expressing things can also be an indicator. When being dishonest, a woman will typically dodge questions or change the conversation topic in order to distract you from her lie. She may also say she doesn’t remember the details when asked for them. Long, stuttering sentences are also a giveaway.

4. Eyes

There is no better way of knowing when she’s not speaking the truth than looking at her eyes. Not only will her pupils dilate when a lie is spoken, she also won’t blink at that very moment and may look to the right a lot (4). Additionally, watch out for other signs such as blinking rapidly immediately after lying, closing eyes and generally avoiding eye contact.

5. Hands

An unlikely lie parameter, but hey, it works! Studies have shown that when people are lying, they may actively use their hands while doing so. Keeping hands behind their backs, squeezing them or covering the mouth with them are all possible red flags.

The Reasons For Lying

We gave you the signs of lying. However, they are not enough on their own. It is also vital to understand why a woman lies to her partner when she does. Here are some probable causes for her deception:

  • She Just Met Her Ex

No woman ever wants her partner to find out that she met up with her ex, even if she’s in a happy, secure relationship. In fact, this is more so the case when she is happy in her present relationship. It would probably be a purely coincidental meeting and that too, with no feelings involved. Nonetheless, women tend to skip this information so as not to worry their partner.

  • Her Beau Gave Her A Bad Gift

It’s not entirely a woman’s fault when she lies. Sometimes she is obligated to, like in the case of a bad gift from her significant other. Yet, she pretends to appreciate it because she wants her man to be happy. She wants to acknowledge and appreciate his efforts and not make him feel bad about his choice or hurt him.

  • When The Sex Wasn’t So Great

Men have huge egos. Especially in the bedroom! Now he may think that he’s making all the right moves and doing all the right things, but sometimes it may just be ‘meh’ for her. In such a case, she’ll probably say something along the lines of ‘hey, great moves last night’ with a smile even when she doesn’t mean it.

  • When She Likes His Friend

It’s perfectly normal for her to platonically enjoy the company of her man’s best friend as much as her man does. But since saying this to her SO can lead to a lot of trouble, she’ll probably just lie about what she thinks of her guy’s bestie.

  • When Her Family Doesn’t Like Him

All in all, women mostly lie to save their men from hurt. When her family doesn’t approve of the man she is with, she will tell her partner that all is well, while quietly endeavoring to get her family to appreciate him like she does.

So here’s a message to the men reading this: do not judge your wife or girlfriend so easily for lying. If you find out she is being dishonest, ask her why rather than jumping to conclusions. Remember, sometimes the truth hurts worse.

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