Psychologists Explain 7 Signs Of A Dying Relationship

By Tanya Arora

Did you know that 36% of adults cite the looks of a person as the sole cause of breaking up? That’s a whole lot of shallowness going on there!

Now, while reasons like these are too obvious and you can almost make them out all the time, there are other reasons for an impasse in a relationship that are not that easy to spot.

These signs slowly and quietly creep up into your relationship and wreak havoc, destroying what you and your partner share. According to psychologists, here are the seven red flags of a dying relationship that you need to watch out for!

1. You Don’t Have Many Pictures Together

Many people don’t enjoy being photographed and your partner might very well be one of them. The kind that barely ever goes on social media. If that’s your partner, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have as many pictures together as you’d want.

However, if your partner is a selfie king or queen and regularly keeps their social media profiles up to date with tons of pictures of their own self, you need to get out. Willingly excluding you from the frame each time could mean your partner is ashamed of you or is not interested in letting people know you’re together.

2. You Talk Less And Watch Movies More


Or indulge in other activities to avoid a conversation! While it’s okay to catch the latest flick once in a while when dating, spending all your time hooked to your laptop or TV is not cool. Indulging in such behavior can give rise to negative emotions in you and your partner. Hence, it’s important for you to analyze why you guys don’t talk as much. Do you not have shared interests or does your partner get bored with you? And if all that’s true, do you really need to date this person?

3. You Never Fight Or Get Into Arguments

You must have heard this before: a little bit of quarreling in a relationship is good. So, if you’ve been having too much of peace lately, that too with unresolved issues looming in the back, something is not right.

In this case, you or your partner might be holding on to grudges in your heart and may even quickly forget your partner’s complaint, thereby not resolving them. This is the sign of an extremely unhealthy relationship – one that will fall apart sooner or later when the bubble bursts.

4. You Almost Never Give Each Other A Hug/ Kiss


Although showing love doesn’t mean giving each other a hug or kiss all the time, intimacy is still a very important part. However, if your partner is not the hugging kind, pay attention if they show you their love in different ways such as buying you a thoughtful present, cooking up a meal for you or lending you a helping hand.

However, when all of the above are absent along with intimacy, it could mean that you and your partner do not have very strong feelings for each other and probably don’t share lovey-dovey feelings.

5. You Don’t Care About Each Other’s Successes

Sometimes your partner may act indifferently towards you and that is justified if they’re going through a rough time. However, if your partner is always indifferent and never shows interest in your achievements or talents, you can take it as a sign that they do not appreciate you. This can get even worse if your partner gets competitive and tries to put down your achievements to highlight their own. So, basically, if your partner doesn’t make you feel appreciated, you shouldn’t want to be with him or her.

6. You Lie For Your Partner Frequently


White lies may seem harmless on the surface but too many of them too can signal a serious problem in your relationship. Lying frequently shows lack of trust and security in a relationship. Moreover, if your partner MAKES you lie, that’s bad news too. For example, if your partner asks you to cook up an excuse in order to avoid seeing people who matter to you, it could indicate a lack of maturity and sensitivity in your partner.

7. You Parents Disapprove Of Your Partner

It’s natural for your parents to have their own choice and mindset, and not happily agree with all of your choices. However, if your parents strongly disapprove of your partner and keep telling you and showing you proofs of what they dislike, you should stop and pay heed. It’s possible you may be blinded by love and are unable to see the imperfections in your partner that they see.

Apart from the above seven signs, there’s one more that suggests your relationship is at a point of an impasse – lack of acceptance and appreciation. A partner who truly loves you will accept your quirks and appreciate you overall even when you’re at your worst. If that doesn’t happen, it may be time to walk out.

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