8 Signs Of An Introvert – It’s Not Just Being Shy

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh

We see a lot of memes these days that paint introverts as some kind of anti-social and averse-to-human-interaction species. They are almost made to seem like they aren’t humans! But that is really not the case. Introverts are just normal people but with different preferences. Maybe you can blame the media for it or ill-informed filmmakers who make a caricature out of both introverts and extroverts. What we have to remember is that at the end of the day, every individual is different and we must respect their choices.

It is quite easy to spot the extroverts. It is usually those who are the life of the party and who have a boisterous and magnetic personality. Introverts, on the other hand, are a little more tough to spot. So, what really makes introverts and how do you know if you yourself are an introvert or an extrovert? Read on to find out!

And also, please don’t be worried if you fall neither in the introvert or extrovert bucket (for the lack of a better word). There’s also a personality type called ‘ambivert’, which is a mix of both these personality types. But, in the meantime, here are the signs of a typical introvert!

1. Alone Time Is A Big Deal


One thing that makes introverts different from the rest of the world is their need to be alone. This is not because they are shy or they don’t like being with people – it is just how they are. They like being on their own and doing things alone without any company. They love reading, or even taking long walks and just simply recharging themselves with their me-time. So, if someone tells you that they don’t want to do something with you over the weekend, don’t take it too personally. Just try and see if they are introverts for whom this alone time is more important than you can imagine!

2. They Are Focused

And by ‘focused’, we do not mean in life in general. Introverts usually tend to direct their energies to just one thing and spend all their time doing and completing it. For example, they may not like to be part of a band while simultaneously participating in a salsa class. They would rather focus on one and be excellent in it. This is just the way they like to function.

3. They Are Never The First Ones To Talk


If you are caught in a lift with an introvert, don’t be overwhelmed by their silence. It’s not because they don’t want to talk to you that they are quiet. It’s because they do not like to initiate conversations. They will definitely respond to you if you say or ask something and maybe even go on to become your friend later. But they hardly ever like to take the first step, if you know what we mean.

4. They Like Being With Extroverts

Though there is no scientific data to prove it, it has been generally seen that introverts like to choose extroverts as their partners. Maybe it’s the whole thing of opposites attracting each other, but whatever it may be, these relationships usually are very harmonious because the difference in energy is balanced out by the two partners. Also, introverts are really good listeners and generally the quieter ones amongst the two, which lets the extrovert unload all their bubbling energy and find someone who genuinely loves listening to them.

5. They Are Very Quiet Most Of The Times


While this might seem like the most stereotypical thing ever, it is true that introverts are quiet. This is not because they have nothing to say but because they have a continuous monologue running in their heads. They do not like to talk before they think, so more often than not, they end up not saying anything at all. Which may not entirely be a bad thing, considering how some people are always putting their foot in their mouth with mindless and shallow conversations!

6. They Love Their Peace And Quiet

If there’s an introvert in your office, you’ll probably see them wincing every time there is loud music, especially during work hours. While extroverts are all about the jing-bang and the shenanigans, introverts like to keep it low at all times. They like a peaceful and quiet environment, probably so they can hear themselves more clearly!

7. They Don’t Like Stating Their Opinions


Most people like to scream themselves hoarse when a debate is on, but such is not the case with introverts. They are ok with not expressing their opinions at all. This is probably because they are not looking for validation from anywhere for the beliefs or opinions that they hold.

8. They Detest Small Talk

If you’re trying to make friends with an introvert, do not ever speak to them about the weather. They simply abhor small talk and chances are, they’ll probably never speak to you again! Talk to them about things that interest the both of you. That’s when you’ll see how talkative an introvert can actually be!

Who’s the introvert in your life? Share this with them to let them know that you understand and appreciate them.

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