11 Signs That Tell You Are Surrounded By Negative People

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh

Are you surrounded by negative people?

As simple mortals, we are ruled by our emotions. But these emotions are subconsciously and constantly influenced by the emotional energies that we choose to surround ourselves with. Whether we decide to let positive or negative energies into our immediate circle is a choice that has a surprisingly profound effect on our approach to life. If the majority of people who enter our lives share a negative dynamic with us, that negativity can seep into our own thoughts and perception till we’re plagued with anxiety, isolation, and depression.

It’s no secret that the more we associate with positive people, the rosier the tint of our glasses get – we brim with contagious energy, confidence, and a drive for success. If this is news to you, boy oh boy, you have been surrounded by negative people for way too long. Here are 11 rather telling signs that you’ve allowed yourself to be surrounded by negative people:

1. Pessimism Is Their Resting State

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Negative people have great difficulty in seeing the good in any situation. Every cloud has a silver lining? Well, that’s a children’s fairytale to them. Even something going well for you is fated to soon turn bad according to them. And you may try your hardest, but you will never convince them otherwise.

2. Victimhood Is Their Full-Time Occupation

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 This seems to be an accompanying symptom of persistent pessimism. Negative people believe that only bad things are fated to happen to them, and well, you can’t change fate, right? (Cue: rolling of eyes). They always view themselves as the victim in every situation, some of which have been created by their very own selves. These people refuse to take responsibility for their actions leaving you to become the bad guy, while they’re the injured party.

3. They’re Always Too Busy For You

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Excuses, excuses, excuses. You will have heard them make excuses for why they never have any time for you. Yet, they will make demands on your time, and if you’re unable to do so, they turn sulky. But remember, friendship is a mutual partnership of caring. If you’re hanging out with someone who only wants to meet at his or her own time, beware of this red flag.

4. They Constantly Use You

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This kind of person will be infamous for giving you the time of day only if it’s to their benefit. It may be for getting a ride, emotional support, money, or even sex. Negative people will always seem to have time for you, lavishing you with validation and the positive concern you’ve yearned for, only if it garners something for them. For them, friendship always has a price.

5. They Love To Complain

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They have very little good to say about anything. Even a rainbow in the sky will somehow have injured them. Negative people will also frequently voice their disappointments with your personality or the friendship you both share.

6. They Are Emotion Drinking Vampires

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These kinds of people will drain you, emotionally and physically. A positive friendship will inspire positive emotions at the thought of meeting. Negative people, however, will kindle anxiety at the prospect of spending time in their company. Garlic may or may not ward them off.

7. You’re Never Good Enough For Them

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They will constantly try to change you. It could be your sense of style, your smile, or maybe even personality traits. There will always be something about you they don’t like, and they keep nagging you to change.

8. Gossip Is Their Gospel

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 We’re talking Mean Girls politics that you’re way too old for. If you hear through other people that your ‘friend’, who constantly gossips about everyone to you, has been saying cruel things about you when you’re not around, know that this person is definitely negative. And run.

9. You’re Becoming Like Them. Yikes!

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If you were an optimistic, upbeat personality before meeting them, and now, you find yourself relatively pessimistic and anxious, this may be a sign of being surrounded by negative energies. You may be at risk of becoming negative as well and this will hurt your relationships with others.

10. Positive People Are Withdrawing From You

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If you have begun to become negative due to the company you keep, a major red flag is when the positive people in your life suffer from this newfound negativity in you and decide to pull away.

11. They Can Never Be Happy For You

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Being human, we can all be forgiven for our occasional moments of envy. However, a negative person’s envy of you will render them incapable of being happy for you. This sort of person will forever be angry, resentful or bitter each time good comes your way. This may progress to them treating you poorly overall or maybe even emotionally dragging you down, simply because you have something they don’t.

So, if you find yourself bogged down by some negative energy, look closely into your social circle. People who seem harmless could actually be making a great impact on you. Better be aware than sorry. Look for these signs and decide for yourself.

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