6 Reasons Why Space Is Important In Every Relationship

By Chandrama Deshmukh

9:20 pm – “Hey babe, I just got home.”

9:22 pm – “Taking my shoes off now.”

9:25 pm – “Just lying on the couch thinking of you.”

Now while the above scenario may seem very sweet and romantic in theory; But practically, it’s the exact opposite. You may not realize it, but the lack of space in your relationship can do your relationship more harm than good. When your relationship matures into something truly valuable and beautiful, it’s always a good idea to let each other breathe and do their own thing. After all, both of you are individuals first and a couple later. And if you think that telling your partner that you need some space might mean the end of your relationship, you will be surprised to know that it will mean the evolution of your relationship. Here are six reasons you should give space to each other.

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1. It helps the two of you grow

And by growth, we mean growing as an individual. Despite all the similarities that brought you guys together in the first place, you two may still have several interests that clash with those of your partner. For example, you might be the kind who’s into rock climbing, but your partner may be afraid of heights. Insisting on doing things together in such cases can lead you to be bitter as you will have to compromise your desires. However, by pursuing your passions alone, you prevent resentment from creeping into your relationship. Also, let your partner do things alone too so that they too can evolve.

2. Because you can’t fulfill all their desires

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The very reason why we have different sets of people for different things in life is that no single individual can fulfill all of your needs. So even though you may really want to be everything your partner needs, you should know that you can’t be that. If you go on pestering your partner so that they always look to you for everything they need, you can end up frustrating your partner. So if your partner expresses the desire to spend some time with their friends or family, try not to take offense. Instead, accept the fact that your partner needs other people too and it doesn’t diminish your value in anyway.

3. Space can help strengthen trust

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Trust is one of the key ingredients in any relationship, and it can help them last a lifetime. However, by putting your partner on a leash, you don’t foster trust, you foster insecurity. If you really don’t want to be the jealous kind, loosening this leash might be a good idea. This way, your partner will not get the chance to feel smothered by your insecurity and jealousy and would willingly do things that will help strengthen your trust in them. Giving your partner space makes them feel that you actually trust them enough to know they wouldn’t do anything wrong.

4. It can help you bond with your friends

Have your friends been complaining about how you’re never there since you got into a relationship? Sounds like you’ve got a problem there that can be fixed by having some space in your relationship. Ignoring your friends and prioritizing your relationship every time is far from healthy, and honestly, disrespectful to the time you’ve to spend with your friends. Meeting them once a blue moon with your partner on your arm is not ideal either. So stop doing that and try to rekindle your friendship so you can prove to your friends that you value them just as much as you did before.

5. It can help you cherish the time you spend together

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Whoever said excess of anything is bad is absolutely right. Not only is excess bad; it can make you take that thing for granted. Which in this case would be spending too much time with your partner. This can make you both forget the importance of each other in your lives, and can even make you lose that spark. However, by giving space to each other, you get the opportunity to rekindle that fire as well as truly cherish the moments you spend with each other.

6. It can help you gain perspective

Giving space to each other when you’re going through bad times as a couple can help both of you gain some perspective, which can consequently lead to the resolution of your problems. However, you can ask how does giving them space make sense when you feel you’re going to lose them? Well, it’s simple. The perspective that both of you get can help each of you realize the importance of the other person in your life. It can also help you arrive at a mutual understanding so that such fights can be avoided in the future.

So if you are in a relationship, consider giving each other space so that you can only get closer as time passes by.

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