10 Texting Habits All Happy Couples Have!

Written by Tanya Arora

Of the many ‘couple-y things’ you do, texting is one that definitely takes the cake. From wildly flirty messages at the start of your romance to the cutesy ‘I’m sorry’ gifs at the end of serious fights, texting is as essential a part of a modern relationship as sex is (well, almost if you take sexting into account; especially if you’re in a long distance relationship – how do you expect to do that without your phone!). But just like anything else, even texting among couples has rules, a set of good habits that help in the smooth sailing of their relationship.

What are these top 10 texting habits of happy couples? Let’s find out below!

1. That Morning Text To Brighten Up Your Day

Want to show that you really care about your partner and their day? Never skip on sending that ‘good morning’ text. It may be only made up of two simple words, but looking at your name pop up on their phone screens the first thing in the morning can really make their day! Happy couples all around the world make it a point to send each other good morning texts irrespective of the time zone.

2. Maintaining Transparency

Granted, maintaining transparency over texts is really hard as there’s no way that your partner can gauge your tone of voice through a couple of words printed on a screen. But there are still ways to avoid confusion (and possible fights). Happy couples almost never send a ‘we need to talk text’ to each other and then keep each other in the dark. No, they save that kind of stuff for phone calls or meet-ups.

3. Notify When Unavailable

Going for a meeting? You definitely do not want your better half to wonder where you vanished all of a sudden. To prevent themselves from being the recipient of one too many missed calls, happy couples make it a point to let each other know when they’ll be busy.

4. Never Argue Over Texts

One of the cardinal sins of couple texting is fighting over text messages, and that is something you will never find a happy couple do. They do not resort to texts in caps or cheap shots in the form display pictures and status updates. Instead, they talk it out on call.

5. Keep A Word Count

Although couples who are comfortable with each other never hesitate to share things with each other in details of every small thing, they still know when and where to stop; and hence, never spill all the beans on texts. They rather say ‘I’m okay,’ when asked ‘how are you,’ and save the details for the end of the day phone call.

6. Check To See If The Other Is Okay

It only takes a couple of words to show you care and happy couples know the value of that. When they can’t come to the phone, they make it a point to check up on each other via text messages. Short texts such as ‘did you eat?’ or ‘are you home?’ are theire ways of letting each other know they care.

7. No Text When Pissed

What’s the perfect recipe for a disastrous fight? Texting each other when pissed! Happy couples have learned this lesson the hard way. Instead of straightaway sending a text they would later regret, they wait for each other to calm down before texting each other and indulging in some virtual kissing and making up.

8. They Know When To Stop Texting

Isn’t it an awful feeling when you check your phone and find 50 texts and 75 missed calls from your SO? Suddenly guilt and immense annoyance take over you, and you don’t know what to do. Well, happy couples never put each other through that. When they don’t get a reply to their text in the next 5 seconds, they don’t obsess over it and dump a tirade of ‘where are you’ texts. They wait like mature people.

9. Spice It Up With Sexting

Sexting is one heck of a way to keep the romance alive and happy couples know this secret. They spice it up with a hot sext here and a sexy picture there, even when they’re at work, so there’s never a dull moment between them.

10. Send Sweet Reminders Of Love

It may sound corny but happy couples almost never miss a single chance to tell each other the three magical words of ‘I love you.’ Sometimes it’s the only pick-me-up you need, a reminder that you’re not alone and that someone loves you for exactly who you are. That’s why they exchange ‘I love you’ texts like high-schoolers every now and then.

If you’re in a relationship, make sure you use the tool of texting for all the right reasons. Once you do, you’ll never have to see that ‘I’m breaking up with you’ text flash on your phone ever in your life!

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