The Perfect Female Lips, According To Men

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh

If you believe that a pair of luscious plump lips globally smites the majority of men… then be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. For a while now, scientists have endeavored to discover the universally perceived ‘perfect female pout,’ and the several studies conducted towards this objective have produced some surprising results.

Since the dawn of time, women have been in pursuit of plumper, fuller lips. This involved clever makeup tricks with lipsticks, paint, and gloss or through artificial stimulation. Artificial methods included dreadful but seemingly harmless attempts to temporarily inflame the lips with the bristles of a toothbrush or by using menthol – an organic compound that promotes blood flow, plumping the lips.

There were, of course, also more stupid and painful quests – anyone remembers the viral Kylie Jenner lip challenge? But now, the infamous lip injections have replaced most of the old ways for those who choose to invest. When it comes to attaining a fuller pout, apparently for some, no price (or pain) is too high.

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Californian plastic surgeons have even ventured to determine the exact proportions of an ideal pair of lips. They have stated that your lower lip must be two times the fullness of your upper one. Now, a majority of plastic surgeons in the States abide by this proposed standard.

So, What Is The ‘Perfect Pout’, If Such A Thing Even Exists?

According to Dr. Tijion Esho, an award-winning cosmetic doctor based in the UK, who happens to be celebrated for his expertise in the art of aesthetic medicine and the field of non-surgical technique, the perfect pout of 2017 constitutes a thicker, luscious bottom lip along with the upper lip being “dipped low” right in the middle. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie serve as the quintessential example.

Dr. Esho professes that women seem to be ‘flocking’ to arrange appointments to get, what is termed to be, a ‘three-point lip’ – which he calls “the essence of the modern lip; full, desirable, and yet still natural in appearance.”

So, if you happen to possess a natural, beautiful Cupid’s bow, this is great news for you. Echo’s claims are congruent with a study conducted recently by the University of California. The study asserts that lips that possess a 1:2 ratio of the upper lip to lower lip are deemed to be the most attractive (1). A perfect example of this phenomenon would be celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and Michelle Keegan.

All this talk does make us wonder, though… what is the position of a luscious pair of lips when it comes to the hierarchy of all things feminine that attract men?

More Than Any Other Feature Of Your Face, Men Are Attracted Most To Your Pout, Says Science

 Apparently, if you want to catch a man’s eye, don’t waste your time flicking your tresses or batting those eyelashes. Instead, practice your pout.

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In a study commissioned by QVC and led by Dr. Geoff Beattie, it was discovered that men found a woman’s lips the most enticing part of her whole body. Even more so if she happened to be sporting red lipstick.

The study claims that during the first 10 seconds after being introduced to a woman, men, on average, will spend more than 50% of that time gazing intently at her lips.

If the lady is wearing lipstick, the average man will actually find it difficult to pull his gaze away! A shade of pink held their gaze for about 6.7s while a dash of red had them fixated for around 7.3s.

Conducted by researchers from Manchester University, the study constituted of following the eye movements of 50 volunteering men, who were given images of selected women. If the women were sporting lipstick, the men gave just a cursory glance of 0.85s to their hair and 0.95s to their eyes.

Interestingly, however, if the women were barefaced, without any makeup, then the men grew tired of gazing at their lips once 2.2s had passed. Instead, they devoted their energies and 2.97s on an average to admire their eyes, and fascinatingly, 2.77s to observing their nose.

Fuller lips were indeed hailed as the most prepossessing facial feature. However, it is of great interest (and hope) to note that once makeup had been utilized, the draw of thin lips rose by a whopping 40% and more.

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According to Dr. Beattie, “This study proves that lips represent one of the most sensual aspects of a woman’s body and play a critical role in human sexual attraction. Full and red lips combined deliver the perfect pout to achieve male fixation, but women who simply wear lipstick – regardless of their lip type – secure significantly greater levels of attraction than those who do not.”

So, if you happen to possess full 1:2 ratio pair of lips, then congratulations girl – you won the genes lottery for our decade. However, if you don’t happen to, don’t lose hope – there’s always makeup. And most importantly, this is just the initial meeting. A perfect pout may grab a man’s attention, but at the end of the day, it’s only an awesome personality that can hold a man’s attention!

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