Take A Look At Your Pinky Finger! It Can Reveal The Biggest Secret Of Your Personality

By Chandrama Deshmukh

Personality tests are always great fun. And sometimes, they’re just eerily insightful. Whether they are tests routed in spirituality or backed by science, like the Myers-Briggs tests, mankind has long resorted to finding outmore about themselvesby taking these quizzes. The test we present to you today was founded in South Korea. Derived from the mystical, ancient art of palmistry, it claims to decipher your personality simply by taking into account your pinky finger!

1. A Short Pinkie

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Appearance: Your pinky’s tip will reach below your ring finger’s most superior joint.

Significance: Short pinkiessignify that you’re a reserved and rather shy individual, especially around strangers. It also indicates that you possess big dreams and great ambitions; however, your timid disposition prevents you from grabbing onto opportunities. Nevertheless, remember that your intrinsically kind and generous spirit has the potential to achieve whatever you want.

2. An Even Pinkie

Appearance: If the tip of your pinky reaches the exact height as the most superior joint of your ring finger, then this is your personality type!

Significance: It shouldn’t exactly come as a great surprise to know that possessing an even pinkie finger also translates into having a mellow, balanced personality. It takes a formidable effort to actually get you irritated, and usually, people can count on you for not getting too stressed. But sometimes, this very attitude causes people to view you as impassive and cold. Only after you let people in do they discover the wonderful warmth and charm you possess.

3. A Long Pinkie

Appearance: The tip of your pinky extends past the superior most joint of your ring finger.

Significance: You are a social butterfly! Charming and vibrant, your personality type is maybe the most sought-after. However, you generally need to put additional effort in order to make people take you seriously and trust you.

4. A Low Set Pinkie

Appearance: With your palm facing towards you, observe your fingers. Like most of the population, if the base of all your fingers forms a soft semi-circle with you pinky’s base notably below the bases of your other fingers, then your pinky is said to be low-set.

Significance: You are a dreamer! You’re an ambitious, visionary soul, who is constantly caught building castles in the sky. However, sometimes you face difficulty in materializing those plans into reality.

5. A Pinkie Of The Same Length

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Appearance: Usually pinkies are smaller than the ring finger, but if yours happens to be of the same length or longer, know that you are rare.

Significance: These individuals tend to be driven by their thirst for acquiring power and status. This characteristic is best seen in high-ranking government officials, CEOs, and even celebrities. These personalities have the potential to, just by the sheer force of their will, change the world for better or wreak chaos.

6. A Square Pinkie

Appearance: Observe the top part of your pinky. Does it seem to have a horizontal, flat line? In that case, you have a square tipped pinky.

Significance: A boon and a curse, you have a reputation for being plainspoken and blunt. This quality is often a hindrance when you are required to associate with souls who are sensitive and quick to be offended. However, your forthrightness and honesty allow you to form life-long loyal relationships!

7. A Pointed Pinkie

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Appearance: If your pinky has a peak or a notable apex at the center of its tip, and on either side there exist slants, you have a pointed pinky.

Significance: These personalities are brilliant writers and charismatic orators. Words are their forte, and hence, they are intrinsically eloquent yet tactful individuals. They possess the enviable ability to articulately tackle any topic under the roof, regardless of its sensitive nature – for this personality has a knack for diplomacy. They also tend to be great partners for square tipped pinkies!

8. A Curved Pinkie

Appearance: Turn your palm over so that it’s facing towards you. Now, observe your pinky. Does its base happen to be in the same line as the rest of your fingers? Does the tip seem to curve away or towards your ring finger? If so, you possess a curved pinky!

Significance: A curved little finger is usually the sign of a non-confrontational person. There’s no easy way to say this – you’d rather swallow your pride than fight for what is your right. Though most people misunderstand this trait to stem from fear of confrontation, it actually springs from your eternal desire to make and maintain peace. It doesn’t matter if the tip of your little finger is pointing towards or away from your ring finger, you are the ‘deal-maker.’ Reputed as a broker for peace, you have the power to reunite those people who have disconnected with each other.

Who would have thought your littlest digit could uncannily reflect volumes of your identity? So, go ahead and get reacquainted with your pinky! We love South Korea as well.

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