The Word That Comes To Your Mind First Will Reveal Your Subconscious Personality!

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh

Picture this: you’re on a road trip with the parents, squeezed alongside a bevy of noisy relatives you aren’t quite sure how you’re related to. Trapped inside the car, you’re miserably pondering the life mistakes that brought you to this very moment in your wretched existence, but the self-loathing doesn’t last too long. Suddenly the radio – the very one your mother, aka the music terrorist, hijacked – blares out a song. An unfamiliar song. You cock your head in wonder; the tune sounds foreign yet hauntingly known at the same time. You would bet your last dime you’ve never heard this particular melody before, when the strangest thing happens – your brain completes the lyrics with inexplicable accuracy. And you? You softly mumble those words with dawning confusion.

Before you ask – no, that wasn’t sudden telepathic or psychic powers on your part. That, my friends, was your subconscious mind.

We are all aware that we possess a subconscious, however, for a majority of us, our knowledge of this phenomenon ends there. The subconscious happens to be your second, concealed mind that prevails within you. It deciphers and operates on those predominant thoughts that stem from your conscious mind.

Imagine the subconscious mind as a storage room with no limit. In it resides just about everything that is not currently inhabiting your conscious mind; from beliefs, prejudices, innate desires, previous life experiences, skills, and memories that you have no conscious thought of possessing. All of which form the skeleton of the very fabric of our being – our personalities. If only we could somehow tap into this!

If you’ve ever been curious enough to discover just what dwells inside your subconscious, well, you’ve come to the right place! Below we have an easy-breezy yet shockingly effective test that could allow you a glimpse behind this cerebral veil. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look!

A Test To Reveal The Subconscious Mind

This test is very simple. All you require to do is look at the above picture. As you can probably see, there’s a strategically missing letter. Now, looking at this incomplete term, the first word that happens to pop into your head can speak volumes about your psyche. Don’t overthink it and be honest! By now, we know your conscious mind has provided you with several other words that also fit. But that first, instant word? That was your subconscious at play. Read on to discover what your subconscious has to say.

1. If You See The Word LOVER Then…

You have a lively personality!

If “lover” was the first that struck you, then aren’t you a silver-tongued devil? Exuberant and charming; like a fragrant chute of Champagne, you’re hard to resist. An extrovert to the core, you adore social situations and possess the gift of the gab. Your mannerisms and conversations never fail to intrigue those around you. In fact, people often comment on how dull parties seem if you happen to be missing, for that’s how strong and contagious your joie de vivre is.

2. If You See The Word LOWER Then…

You have a dominating personality!

If “lower” was the first word to pop into your mind, then you are most probably a person who likes to be in control of most situations. You’re hailed as the unspoken leader of almost every group you happen to be a part of, which is perfectly understandable considering the unyielding confidence you radiate! You have a subconscious need to hold power and command a mastery over most things – conversations and even relationships.

3. If You See The Word LOSER Then…

You have an honest personality!

If “loser” was the first word supplied by your subconscious mind, then it indicates a morally strong personality that possesses an unswerving integrity. For you the meaning of life resides in honesty and you choose truth above all else, even if it comes at the price of hurting a loved one. You may come across as rude at times, but that’s only because you never shy away from speaking what’s on your mind. You inspire great loyalty in friends for people know they can always trust and rely on you.

4. If You See The Word LONER Then…

You have an intellectual personality!

If you first thought “loner,” then it signifies a philosophical and deeply creative soul. You expend a lot of your time reflecting upon the ways of this world. Abstract knowledge that confounds your peers, comes with great ease to you. Profoundly spiritual, you put meaning in all of life’s endeavors. You could be a painter, musician, poet or writer, and possess the gift of weaving a magical ambiance through your creativity.

Were you finally able to get a glimpse into your subconscious? Remember, this test isn’t foolproof and can only provide a rough sense or maybe just a facet of your personality. But, all the same, what did you think? Do let us know in the comments below!

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