Hooking Up With My Bestie’s Boyfriend Was The Worst Decision Of My Life

Written by StyleCraze

A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea… this is exactly how I felt the morning I met my boyfriend. Purab was trying to be extra sweet to me and evasive about a lot of things, which made it evident that something was amiss. And the signs too were so obvious — his phone rang endlessly, and messages kept beeping. That’s exactly when I knew it. I just looked him in the face and asked, “Is there something you would like to tell me?”

Purab: I love you.

Me: I don’t think so! I think my worst fears have come true.

Purab: You are overreacting!

Me: What is it, then?

Purab: I need some space.

Me: (Barging out of the meeting room) All yours!

As I am walking out, I bump into my colleague, Pari, who’s like: “Hey, have you checked out Purab’s Facebook timeline?”

Me: What’s it about?

Pari: The new hottie in office, Mallika, has put up a picture of her with him with the caption “The love of my life.”

I feel like I am having a heart attack, and it takes a while before it sinks in and I regain my composure. I go red with anger and call up Purab.

He answers on the first ring, and I say, “You are a jerk of the first order, and two-timers are not for me.” Saying this, I hang up.

I am seething, crying, confused all at once, when my best friend Kashish walks in. She has never seen me like this. She just gives me a tight hug asking if I am okay. Pari fills her in on what just happened.

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Kashish: I always knew he was a jerk. Let him go to hell, just forget the past and move on. He doesn’t deserve a sweet person like you.

If she thought that would console me she was wrong. Sensing my mood, she said: Cancel all your meetings today. I’ll call Rohit and ask him to take us around. Even before I could protest, she was showing me to her car while calling her boyfriend. After she had hung up, she said: “OK. All set. We will watch a movie, eat at your favorite restaurant, do some window shopping, and let’s see how the evening progresses.”

Though it all sounded so tempting, I was not mentally in a state of mind to do it all. Then, I thought when she was going out of her way to make me feel nice, why disappoint her? By the time we reached the theater, Rohit was there with the tickets. The movie made me feel worse as it was an emotional roller coaster ride. Luckily, I survived the film. But the food helped lift my spirits, and retail therapy helped a great deal in bringing me back to normalcy.

Rohit got a call and said, “Party at Armaan’s, let’s have some fun.”

I was just not up to it yet. But Kashish insisted that I go with her and promised it would make me feel better. So, with no choice left, I went with her.

Sure enough, the party did enhance my mood. Thanks to Rohit who was taking extra efforts to ensure I was comfortable. He handed me a drink and said, “Wash down all your bad memories,” and, to my surprise, I gulped it down at one go.

Kashish wanted to stay back at Armaan’s place and party all night. But I was not okay with the idea, and I badly needed to be alone to nurse my wounds and a broken heart. So, I excused myself and started towards the door.

Kashish came running to me and embraced me saying: Don’t worry, by tomorrow he will be history. I nodded my head in agreement. Rohit, who was watching me said: Let me drop you home.

Kashish: Good idea, Ro. Come back soon, will ya?

Rohit: Yes baby.

It was past 11.30 in the night, and Rohit got his car. As soon as I jumped in, he asked: Did you eat anything?

Me: No.

Rohit: No, you should eat well after you drink. Till we find a place to eat, have this (handing me a bar of chocolate).

As I unwrapped it, he put his hand over my shoulder and gave me a little squeeze. “You will be okay, I promise,” he said. It brought back all the moments I had shared with Purab, and I broke down.

Rohit stopped the car and looked at me.

Rohit: Don’t. He is not worth it. You are the best girl in our gang.

Saying that, he gave me a hug. And, without any inhibition, I just slid into his arms. And, before we knew it, we were making out!

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The phone in his pocket started vibrating and startled us both. He picked up the phone and said, “Hi baby, yes, I am on my way back…yes, she is safe….No, don’t worry at all. She is okay now. We can take her out again if that makes you feel nice. See ya soon, love you.”

Hit by the reality, I pulled away from him.

Rohit: What’s wrong?

Me: No, we must not have gone this far. You are my best buddy’s guy, and infidelity is a sin.

Rohit: Don’t worry, she won’t know. Let’s act like matured individuals and behave normally.

Me: No Rohit, nothing will be normal ever again.

Then, we traveled to my home in silence, and I got off the car without bidding him goodbye. I lay awake all night thinking of what had just happened. The guilt of having cheated on my bestie who had gone to great lengths to make me happy tore my heart. I began sobbing over my dilemma. “Should I tell Kashish about it or just keep her in the dark?” I had a terrible headache and dozed off.

It was already 11 am when I woke up and with a heavy heart, I dragged myself to the phone. I called her.

Kashish: Jesus! Diya, is that you? I have been worried about you all night. Are you alright?

Me: Yes, thank you.

Kashish: Well, Ro wants to pamper us today. Game for it?

Me: Kashish, I am not in the mood for anything.

Kashish: C’mon yaar, he’s out of your life now. I’ll set up blind dates for you.

Me: No, there’s something more serious.

Kashish: Are you pregnant?

Me: No sweetie, this news is worse.

Kashish: Wait! I am coming over.

Me: I don’t think I can face you.

Kashish: Now, you are scaring me! What is it?

Me: I cry my heart out and tell her about the previous night’s folly.

Kashish goes silent for a while.

Me: Are you there?

She banged the phone, and there ended our friendship. I suddenly felt a void in my heart, which I couldn’t explain. Strangely, this moment felt worse than when I broke up with my guy. It was all over! In less than 24 hours, I had broken up with my boyfriend, made out with my best friend’s guy, and lost a beautiful friend. This is one mistake for which I will never forgive myself. And I knew I will never find such a friend in my life again.

A friend is someone who understands you even when you don’t tell a thing. I lost a person who loved, trusted, and cared for me with all her heart. To this day, I miss her. But, there’s no forgiveness for some mistakes, and you don’t get a second chance all the time.

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