13 Things A Man Will Never Confess To A Woman

By Chandrama Deshmukh

There are many things that men and women have in common. However, as with most similarities, there are differences. Neither gender will ever admit to their weaknesses to the other. Here are 13 things that men will never confess to a woman.

1. Their Love For Confident Women


A woman who knows how to be comfortable in her own skin and isn’t afraid to show it will always make a man’s head turn. Men tend to notice a woman who possesses traits which they wish to have. In general, a woman who is confident and outgoing will be more attractive in comparison to one who is quieter with a supermodel figure.

2. The Way You Look


It doesn’t always have to be negative, but a man loves it when you look sexy. It doesn’t have to be revealing or skimpy. A girl who dresses well keeping in mind what suits her will make her man go crazy even if she’s in her PJs.

3. A Boost To Their Ego


Men love it when they are given tasks which challenge them. It makes them feel invincible and stronger in their partner’s eyes. In many cases, women find it easier to play the ego card because it creates a sense of balance in the relationship. In short, a man will never take up a task if he thinks he will fail as it will bruise his ego.

4. They Hate Complicated Questions


A standard question which has been asked over the years is “Do I look fat?”. Men hate answering any question which confuses them or makes them feel that they are trapped. The thought of answering a question which will land them in trouble steers them away. At no point do they want to give a dishonest answer. However, they also know that the truth may land them in trouble.

5. They Don’t Want To Feel Unsuccessful


In many cases, men know that they don’t have the answers. Admitting that they cannot afford something or that they don’t understand something is a rare phenomenon. This isn’t because they are weak, it’s because they worry about their image.

6. They Do Feel Jealous


Men feel more emotions than what they let on. While your partner may never admit to being jealous if you flirt or speak to another man, he usually feels it. However, in some cases, he will just shrug it off in order to not seem petty.

7. They Enjoy Checking Out Other Women

It isn’t that they don’t think that you’re attractive. Men have the capacity to look at other women and yet feel one emotion towards their partner. The other woman could be anyone from a passer-by to your family member. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner will cheat on you.

8. They Observe You


It’s a myth that men don’t observe women. The myth is taken to the extent that if a man offers even a little bit of extra attention, it is assumed that he wants to marry you. This isn’t the case. Men are highly observant of their partners. They notice the little things which is what leads from date one to date two.

9. They Enjoy Being Complimented


Everyone loves to be complimented. Men like it as much as women. They give compliments as much as they love to receive them. Similarly to women though, men brush aside compliments. This type of modesty makes us believe that men don’t want to be complimented.

10. They Enjoy Doing ‘Girly’ Things


Beauty parlors being exclusive to women are a thing of the past. Men enjoy being pampered as much as women. Men will never admit it, but they love watching dramas on TV as well! A caution would be that not all men enjoy it just as many women don’t.

11. Their Fears


Men, just like women have a number of fears. It could be a fear of bugs to a fear of heights. Just don’t expect them to admit it!

12. Wearing A Shield Around Their Feelings

Just because you don’t see your partner crying at the movies doesn’t mean he isn’t crying inside. Men feel the need to wear a protective shield around their feelings. This could be due to societal standards on men’s feelings.

13. They Always Have A Reason


Just because the reason doesn’t always suit you doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. If a man leaves, he will do so because something isn’t right for him. That doesn’t mean women are perfect themselves. The excuse “it’s not you, it’s me” is a commonly used statement between both sexes.

These are just 13 reasons out of a possible hundred. Both men and women will never confess certain things even if it is very obvious by nature. This shouldn’t stop you from getting to know your partner or the opposite sex in general though. The best thing to do is to understand and get to know your partner. Keep these pointers as guidelines and learn about their likes and dislikes- this will help you and your partner live in harmony.

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