9 Things Couples DON’T Want To Be Judged For

By Rachana C

Judgemental people are everywhere. They don’t spare anyone. However, their hot favorite topics, most of the time, always have something to do with couples. After years of falling prey to the sarcasm, finally, couples are speaking out. Here are those 9 things couples DON’T want to be judged for anymore.

1. For Calling Each Other By Their Nicknames

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It is quite natural for an on-looker to assume couples calling each other “baby” and “honey” as outright PDA. However, calling each other with cuddly cute names satisfies their basic emotional needs. It is more hormonal than you thought it was. One of the other reasons couples baby talk or have nicknames is that the bond between couples causes the release of those hormones that give them the sensation that babies have when their mothers cuddle them. They kind of relive their childhood mama-baby relationship, talking strictly in terms of biochemical changes taking place in the body. Anyway, how is their name calling anybody’s business?

2. For Being A Mixed Couple

2. For Being A Mixed Couple

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People bump into mixed couples and say random things like, “Is it any different in bed for the two of you?” and “How do you think your babies will turn out to be?” If you haven’t made peace with the concept of an interracial relationship, don’t call yourself an advanced being. How is somebody else’s prowess in the bed of any interest to anyone? Unless it is to cook up some juicy notions for your sport. Anyway, it is high time mixed couples are spared those oh-my-god looks and what-the-hell comments.

3. For Embarking On A Live-In Relationship

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Again, if you think you are advanced and progressive, considering live-in relationships a taboo doesn’t go with the theme. Plus, how is living with a COMPLETE stranger not a taboo, but getting to know your spouse before the proverbial nuptial knots is one? The world, I am sure, has come at least this far where it is okay to share a bedroom before deciding to grow old together. However, if you think marrying utter strangers and adjusting with their shortcomings all your life to the extent where you can’t even stand each other is more ethical, then it is not you who is to be blamed for judging a couple’s lifestyle choices. It is the conditioning and the society as a whole that is to be blamed. But then, you can still keep it to yourself if the idea of a live-in makes you go eww.

4. For Checking In To A Hotel Together

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Why does your imagination have to go that wild? Sometimes it is unnecessary. They are a couple, and they want a room – it is as simple as it sounds. Couples have to go through those endless questions shot by the management of hotels to just check-in to a room. Again, the minimum you can do to respect the couple’s integrity and to save them the embarrassment is by not asking them proof of the relationship they share. Not all relationships come with certificates. What is even more startling is the fact that hotels in India have these clauses in print that unmarried couples (boys and girls precisely) cannot book a room. This is not only ridiculous but also proves how, in the name of culture, some people in this country cross the line of being baselessly stereotypical and conventional.

5. For Having Past Relationships

Some people (probably going through the crunch of middle-life crisis) who live in colonies and apartments make it hellish for couples. They keep track of your relationships more than you do. That one diagonal stare of theirs says it all. Also, a general rule of thumb – a guy is usually considered macho if he is bringing home girls, and a girl has the eternal “loose character” label for a similar act of hers. So, with this level of hypocrisy and so many Sheela aunties in the colony, I wonder how couples still manage their lives. And aunties should learn how to stop this gossip business – it is not healthy for anyone.

6. For Having An Age Gap

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You don’t have to look at this like it is some sort of cradle snatching. Okay, there’s an age gap, so what? It requires mutual consent to stay in a relationship. When did age gap become a criteria? Two adults have arrived at the conclusion that they want to lead a life together (temporarily or permanently), and both of them are adult enough to do the math. How is the age gap between the two of them anybody else’s concern? I can’t cease to be amazed at societal and familial stereotypes every time I encounter them. Couples, be sure, at least I am not judging. And I think some more beautiful souls aren’t judging. Isn’t it relieving?

7. For Having More Serious Career Goals Than Wedding Goals

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For the most part of it, the word “couple” is invariably synonymous with marriage. That’s the root of judgemental statements. So, now, couples have to hear scathing comments for being serious about a career! For some reason, people think an ideal couple is that which is overindulgent and reliant on each other almost to the extent of appearing like parasites or commensals. On the contrary, giving each other space and balancing a love life with a perfectly successful professional life is more healthy than the parasitic version of your ideals. Please, stop coaxing the couples to get more attached only because you think attachment makes a couple happier.

8. For Having Friends Of The Other Gender

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Dear proverbial-colony-Sheela-aunty, there’s a difference between a boyfriend and a friend who happens to be a boy. (Note: “Sheela aunty” is not to mock any woman in particular. For me, any person who is a bag of baseless notions, irrespective of their age and gender, is Sheela aunty. Also, this character has no resemblance to any character living or dead. This is just to convey the essence of how a typical category of people is.) It would really be courteous on your part to let people have something called a “personal” life.

9. For Being Open About Their Relationship On Social Media

Yes, I am wrapping this up with, “For Being Open About Their Relationship On Social Media.” It is quite self-explanatory – it is called “social” media, where people socialize in whatever way they want to. You have a problem with that? Thanks to Mark, we have “unfriend”. Good for you and the couple. And the world in general.

How many of these do you relate to, couples? Write back to me, it would be a pleasure to know your take on this issue and firsthand experiences regarding the same. Write in the comments section below.

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