5 Things Every Girl Needs To Know About Men

By Reshmi AR

Although men love women and go to great lengths to make them happy, they still think women are an enigma. For generations now, the male fraternity is trying to figure out…ah..err… the million dollar question again – what do women want? And that remains a mystery. But on the other hand, for women, it isn’t so hard to figure out men. At times, they do act weird, but that happens with us too, isn’t it? So, here I am to share a few facts about men that are universally true. C’mon, let’s begin…

1. Texting Is Not For Them

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When I started dating, my guy would send me tons of texts, so much that my inbox would be full. Mind you, those were the days when SMSes had just come in. And I would too, in all zeal, send an instant reply. Eventually, his texts turned into monosyllables. Check this out…

Me: Hey, is the movie plan on?

11.20 am

No reply and I type again…

Please let me know so I can plan my day accordingly.

11.25 am

Still no reply…

Actually, I was wondering if we could dine out at a cozy place after the movie.

11.32 am

At this point…I get two texts saying your messages have been delivered!

Now, I think I know what’s the problem, so I send him this…

Or probably we could hang out at a pub if you wanna have a beer.

11.45 am

No reply till 12 pm

Now, a furious me types this…

Say something… At least a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ and I’ll understand!

Beep goes the phone, and finally, there’s a reply from him and guess what that was?

Him: K

Yes, you read that right. Just an alphabet! I stare at it in horror. I nearly exceeded every possible character limit for SMS and also was charged a bomb for the same (damn!), not to forget all the effort that went into thinking and typing. And he had the audacity to reply with just one text? Yes, Just ONE!

I discussed this with a friend of mine, and she was like: “Take it easy girl. Men don’t have all the time in the world to type out long messages. They want to keep the conversations crisp and to the point.

My immediate response was: “Yeah? So, am I jobless?”

Her: (Chuckles)

And over the years, I figured out the reason for that. Men can never beat women when it comes to expression. We love to give them an elaborate account of everything. But, on their part, men would like to keep it to the minimum. If you have noticed, a text from him would read something like this…

Tx, C U (not even a smiley there!)

Just one look at the text, and it’s easy to guess if a man has sent it. There are certain attributes to their messages that clearly is inherent in them.

Now, the moral of the story is men don’t really bother about text messages and wouldn’t care less about replying in the same tone or length of your text. So, it’s time you realized that and went easy on that!

2. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Your boyfriend dotes on you and makes you feel special every time you meet. But once you are out of sight, he doesn’t care to call or message as much. Sounds familiar? Well, most men are like that. Actually, a couple of them are merely talking all the time without that translating into action. And there are men who don’t like to express much but would rather let their actions speak. My guy would get sanitary pads for me when I was chumming; he would cook for me and even get me chocolates and ice creams to fulfill my cravings during my periods. But once he left for work, he was completely a different man. He would just not bother to call or text. So, who would you like? A man who praises you all the time and promises the moon but doesn’t show it in action or someone who hardly speaks but IS THERE when you need him the most? Take your pick, girls.

3. They Are Clueless

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I bumped into an astrologer once, and we were discussing relationships, why some don’t last, the law of karma, and blah blah. He had an interesting take on this. He said men were like monsters who can be easily appeased. But women are like gods – you never know how or when they are happy. It’s like you pray endlessly for certain things and never get it, or pray for something once and it’s answered. So, if that be true, then men have a tough time figuring out what can make their women happy. So, the best thing for you to do is clearly state your desires – all problems solved!

4. You Are Worth A Million Dollars

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He might be playing hide and seek with you and hard to get. But just reverse the situation and let him know that you are seeing someone else, and he’s bound to pop the question the very next minute! After all, he doesn’t want to lose you at any cost. Such is the psychology of men. At times, you have to understand how they work and plan your moves accordingly. You know what I mean?

5. Freedom Is The Ultimate Concern

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Do you know that one of the leading reasons for men not to commit is the fear of losing their freedom? They love to have their boys’ night out, booze parties, soccer games, and the like. And they wouldn’t trade anything in the world to lose these privileges. They know that once they are hooked, they are deprived of these chances at one point or the other. So, freedom is paramount to them. Just let them be and give them space. This will prevent most of the conflicts you may have.

So, women, those were my thoughts on men. Do you have anything to say about them? Leave a message in the comments section below.

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