8 Things Men Only Do With The Woman They Love

By Chandrama Deshmukh

Men are vocal about how women are so hard to read or to understand. Little do they know our dilemma in figuring them out. There are so many gray areas in undefined relationships with our men – just a friend, secret boyfriend, publicly-accepted boyfriend, booty call, boyfriend to a family-gay friend in real life.

Modern relationships can be really complicated. When we were in high school, or in the era of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, when somebody asked you out or expressed an interest in you which was reciprocated – it was for the world to know, and if they didn’t get the hint, you stood on rooftops and yelled. Much like Monica when it was finally her turn to be a bride. But now, it takes at six months of negotiations and round tables (most cafés and bars have tables which are round) to even come to an agreement that a couple is together.

Then there’s the scenario where you are not really sure of where he stands in the relationship. Does he want your friends to know? Is he going to acknowledge that he does not live on an island with a population of one? Will he ever impulsively kiss you on the street in full view of everyone (who will walk past without noticing, but that’s not the point here).

How do you know that your man is 100% into you, no holds barred? We asked the Internet, and it answered.

1. His Ears Are Open

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Most men have the attention span of a goldfish and are usually self-absorbed. This is not a sexist statement, ask the men themselves – they will agree. But when it comes to a woman they are in love with, even ESPN cannot distract them when she is talking. If he truly loves you, he wants to know what you say, what you mean, and what your BFFs think about what you say and mean.

2. He Fights – With And For You

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For men, arguing is as natural as breathing. They are raised to make their points, even if they get loud while at it. So if your guy argues with you rationally, discusses without giving up on you, it’s because he cares deeply and wants to arrive at a solution so that you will stay on.

3. Change Of Plans

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This is probably one of the first signs that he is going the distance with you. It takes a lot for a guy to change his plans or give up something in his life for someone who is not from his direct family. If he is willing to do it for you, he’s in it for the long haul.

4. Taking One For The Team

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He will do anything for you. Whether it is driving two hours from the other end of the city to pick you up at the airport, joining your friends for dinner when there’s an important match, or calling you during a very, busy day just to hear your voice.

5. He Celebrates You

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If he truly loves you, he will celebrate all of your accomplishments – even the little ones. He will brag about you, and you will be able to hear the pride in his voice when he talks about you to his friends, family, colleagues, just about anyone who is willing to listen, really!

6. You’re Beautiful…

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…to him, every single day. Whether you have been crying for a full hour and your eyes are puffed, and your nose is snotty, or you’re mad at somebody, you feel bloated from bad food, or you are miserable and sad. Your beauty is not just your external appearance to him. It is who you are as a person. So when he tells you that you are beautiful, he is referring to not just your looks, but your personality too.

7. Your Inner Circle Matters To Him

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Men understand the community. As much as they prefer to not involve themselves too much in others’ lives if you observe they always have their people and will do anything for them. So it is only natural that when he loves his woman, he will do as much as he can for her people too. When he starts caring deeply about your friends and your family, makes an effort to keep up with them, takes the time to meet them or remember to ask you about them, it is his way of showing you that your people matter to him because they are an essential part of you, and you are essential to his life.

8. He’s Vulnerable With You

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Men are, unfortunately, raised to act as though they are unfazed by life’s more negative experiences. But when he really loves you, he trusts you. And when he trusts you, he is not afraid to be vulnerable with you. He is not scared to show that he is afraid of losing you, or that he prefers not to have certain experiences in his life, or that there are some episodes from his past which still affect him.

Once a guy has decided he wants to be with you, there’s nothing he won’t do to keep you happy and make you feel that this relationship is worth it.

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