11 Things That Men Do Differently From Women

By Rachana C

There’s a man. And a woman. Isn’t that a story in itself? It is so overwhelming that there could be something so similar between these two genders and yet so much difference. While the biological differences are evident, there are the resultant cognitive, behavioral, and psychological differences too! Wondering what? This is a must read if you want to know those 11 things that weemen do differently from those men!

1. Men Don’t Go Wrong In Right-Left Discrimination. Women Do.

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This is not to suggest that women are dumb. In fact, many men find it cute when these women bungle left and right. Beyond this notion, this is an actual thing termed as Right-Left Confusion. Many functions of the brain are localized, as in, the left part of the brain does this, and the right part does that. Finish! However, brains of women are designed in such a way that this clear demarcation, technically called hemispheric lateralization, is not like in men. Hence, the confusion. Also, nerdy neuros claim that identifying right and left needs keen spatial orientation, and men outperform women in this function. Men can mentally rotate images and efficiently discriminate between right and left.

2. Men Use Their D… No, I Was About To Say Intellect. Women Use Emotions.

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So, now we know why men can be so analytical and calculative about heartbreak or any loss for that matter, and why women shed a tear or two even when their nail breaks. Well, there’s nothing right or wrong about either way of thinking. They just are programmed that way. There are pros and cons for both ways. This emotional approach makes it easier for women to read between the lines and be more compassionate than men. On the other hand, men are more focused in situations of danger and less distracted by emotions.

3. Men Have Tunnel Vision. Women, Peripheral.

I didn’t know there was so much scientific basis for familial fights. Do you find the men in the house shouting on top of their voices that you have misplaced their car keys and their important files while they are lying right under their nose even while they are yelling? Yes, there’s a reason. Men have something called tunnel vision, which means they are good at seeing things that are right in front of them and things that are far away. Women, on the contrary, have peripheral vision and can easily see things that are 45 degrees left, right, top, and bottom from the position they are in. Also, some women have the ability to see up to 180 degrees around them without having to rotate their heads physically. This time your boyfriend blames you for misplacing his undies, forgive him, for, he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

 4. Men Require More Effort To Process Female Voice.

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So, men and women not only see differently, but they also hear differently. Men process different tones differently. For instance, when a man is talking, it is easy for them to process it. But, if a woman is talking, which is inadvertently different in tone and frequency than a man’s voice, it requires them to use those parts of the brain that process music (which is difficult and complicated). So, they prefer not to hear. Okay, women, understand their sensory limitations and be patient when you feel “men don’t listen.”

5. Let’s Talk About Babies. Baby Girls Like Faces. Boy Babies? More Concerned About Moving Objects

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As babies, girls apparently like to gaze at faces, and boys, right from the first day of their birth, show an inclination towards objects that move. For instance, balls. You know, they are moving objects too. They move and bounce, and this is probably what attracts them. Women are pretty much happy with facial gazing. Poor they! Also, girls, even at the infantile stage, can make out differences in facial expressions. Boys, of course, are not only bad with faces, but they also do not improve these skills as they grow. God, they are so busy with moving their objects!

6. Men Focus On One Task. Women Multitask.

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 Blame evolution, nature or nurture – men can just focus on one thing at a time. Men and their bodies were designed to face war or to hunt, and one cannot afford to multitask when at the battlefield or aiming their bows to kill a moving animal. Also, a woman cannot afford to focus on just one thing when she has a variety of things to do at the same time. She can’t think of only how much salt to add in her dish while one of the kids is meddling with the knife beside her and the other has shut himself in the bathroom for hours in the name of taking a shower. She just has too much to look after. Again, women, please forgive men for burning your dresses. His phone beeped while ironing your dress. It’s okay! Happens. Differently wired, remember?

7. Men Pull Off Their Clothes From Behind. Women Do It Differently.

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Another cautionary message, women! If the guy is right in front of you on the bed and he actually makes an effort to extend his hand all over to reach your back, and you are wondering what he is up to, fret not. He is just taking off your clothes. That’s the way they do it. We women, of course, cross our hands and undress by pulling our clothes up from the hips.

8. They Sit Differently.

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Is there anything similar apart from the fact that we live on the same planet and belong to the same species? So, now, we also sit differently. Men sit with their legs spread wide apart. Women are coy that way and sit either cross-legged or with their legs neatly kept one beside the other in close vicinities. Probably why scooters are designed that way and bikes the way they are.

9. Men Get Aroused Faster. Women Take Time.

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And this is because the region of the brain that causes sexual arousal, the anterior cingulate gyrus, is smaller in men than in women. Smaller – easy to stimulate, quickly aroused. Also, men don’t get easily distracted while at the work, but it is easy to distract a woman even while she is involved in such a pleasurable act.

10. Show Me Your Hand – Men And Women React To This Like This

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When men are asked to show their hand quite instinctively, they show their palms. Women show the opposite side of their palms. Also, when you ask them to look at their nails, men spread their fingers and look at them. And women? They curl up their dainty fingers into a fist and admire their nails. Don’t believe it? Try it yourself.

11. Vent Their Aggression In Different Ways.

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Men show their aggression in a more physical way. Their anger impulses are satisfied when they show physical violence. Women, on the other hand, demonstrate their anger verbally. They like to shout and occasionally cuss to vent their pent-up rage. In general, women avoid physical conflicts even if there is an active trigger. Obviously, men like to play it really raw and like to get into a violent physical fight.

CAUTION: Wondering what this is? Read the following instructions before you judge any man and woman after reading this.

  1. Man is equal to masculine. (Women can be masculine too.)
  2. Woman is equal to feminine. (Men can be feminine too.)
  3. A man and a woman have both masculine and feminine attributes in varying degrees. Just that a man is more masculine than a woman and vice-versa.

So, unless it is a biologically driven difference, the differences mentioned above are not pertaining to the biological man and woman. It is just the masculine way and the feminine way of doing things. Although cliched, we all now know why Men Are From Mars, And Women Are From Venus and Why Men Don’t Listen And Women Can’t Read Maps.

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