7 Things Women Do When They Are Cheating

Written by Tanya Arora

The foundation of any healthy relationship is trust. And when that’s broken, you know it’s not just trouble in paradise, it’s actually a hurricane!

With that being said, trust can be broken in a lot of ways. But more often than not, cheating is what heralds the end of faith, as well as the end of a romantic relationship.

While it’s conventional to think that men are most likely to cheat, the gap is fast closing in between the sexes in this regard. Women, now, are likely to be the infidels in a relationship too. And although it might be difficult to find out when exactly a woman is cheating, she’ll still display certain signs and behaviors that will give her away!

Here are seven such signs that men need to keep an eye out for to know if their woman is cheating on them!

1. She Nags A Lot


Granted men will argue that women are always in the habit of nagging (even though those just might be friendly suggestions). But when the nagging seems extra, that’s when it’s indicative of trouble! When she’s cheating, she will get into the habit of nagging about everything, – from the smallest of issues to the biggest ones. She will magnify all the imperfections of her man and will use them as excuses to break up. In fact, she’ll probably nag in excess so that she can put the blame on her man.

2. She Uses The ‘Just A Friend’ Line


This is a classic line, and it generally means that the other man in her life is probably way more than just a friend! However, when she’s answering the question she was asked regarding that guy in her picture, pay attention to her expressions. If she acts uneasy or refuses to look into your eyes, she’s probably dating some other man on the sly.

3. Constantly Inquiring About Her Guy’s Schedule


Not all women inquire about their man’s daily itinerary, especially down to the minutest detail. A simple lowdown of whereabouts suffices for her usually. But if she suddenly takes too much interest in her man’s schedule, and wants to know exactly when he leaves and comes back home, she might be planning to have the other guy over for a visit.

4. She’s Lost In Thought


Women are known to be attentive creatures and great listeners. Hence, if they all of a sudden lose interest or barely pay attention to what their man is saying, that means something or someone else is playing on their minds. In fact, sometimes she may be totally lost in thought and may even lose touch with reality. If she is cheating, she will also probably think of ways to break up and hence, may appear distracted.

5. She Backs Out Of Confrontations


This is the biggest sign that she’s been very sneaky behind her man’s back! If her significant other tries asking her directly about whether she’s cheating on him or not, she’ll never admit to doing it. Not only that, she’ll desperately find ways to try to avoid the conversation. Or she’ll just stay silent, letting the moment hang in the air as she thinks of ways to cover up and present a foolproof excuse for the latest goings-on. She may even take the path of offence and turn the entire thing around on her man to get out of this situation.

6. She Will Hide Her Phone


If she was private before, she will become super secretive now. She will, quite obviously, try to keep her phone away from her man’s eyes as much as possible so that he doesn’t find any clues about what’s going on. In fact, she will hide her phone so well that her man would end up thinking that she probably doesn’t even have a phone anymore! When asked about it, she’ll spin some or the other yarn, like her phone has gone for repair or she dunked it in the water by accident. Moreover, she will also keep her ringtone silent so that he doesn’t find out.

7. She’ll Lose Interest In Romance


No matter how good the lovemaking was, she would lose interest in getting intimate if she has another man in her life. Truth be told, that might be the very reason why she has been acting so cold and distant lately; refusing to give her man a hug when he needs comfort and keeping those kisses short and brief. She may even come up with multiple reasons to avoid intimacy altogether.

Apart from the above, she might display a few other signs too. For example, she may always seem busy, she may get angry and defensive easily, she may smile for no reason, shop for new clothes and never wear them in front of her man, and so on and so forth.

However, before men go about blaming their women for cheating, they should analyze why she may be doing it in the first place. This can help prevent the breakup of a happy home.

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