8 Things Women Look For In A Man Before Falling For Him

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh

We all like to think “Ugh, women are difficult, no one knows what they want”. What if we told you that they’ve always known what they wanted but you’ve been too lazy, preoccupied or presumptuous to find out. Women are often seen as lost and complex creatures, forever floating in confusion. However, this is not the case. Women know what they want, but they do not go around making that information public. Instead, they wait for the ones who care to find out. Here are a few things to get you started!

1. If He Loves Her For Who She Is


Patriarchy for years had conditioned women to believe that beauty and humility should be their strongest attributes, leading to self-esteem issues that affects them at a much deeper level. Thus, it becomes essential for a woman to find someone who can love her for who she is, irrespective of whether she is in a groomed or dishevelled state. A man who doesn’t hold her against the score card of society but respects her for her individuality.

2. If He Is Well-Groomed


Very few women compromise on grooming and hygiene. She might enjoy spoiling you and taking care of you, but there’s nothing that charms a woman more than a well-groomed man. Your masculinity doesn’t flow from an unkempt appearance. If you trim your hair and beard, wear neat clothes and smell good, women might not come in swarms like that deodrant commercials promise, but you will have yourself a beaming woman.

3. If He Has A Good Sense Of Humour


While women might like men, who can look in their eyes and write odes to the strand of hair falling gingerly on their forehead, they are most attracted to someone who can make their sides humour. Not just women, but any person is at peace and at their most vulnerable state when they are laughing. If you tickle her funny bone, she’d look forward to those long phone calls and not worry about dates being awkward or monotonous. Be spontaneous, your light-heartedness will not take away from your sincerity, it will enhance it.

4. If He Has A Good Physique


This isn’t to say that women desire a certain body type, women are seldom affected by conventional standards of beauty in men. But an active lifestyle will come with brownie points. If you take care of yourself, she’ll see you as someone she can depend on, someone she would want to perhaps raise a family with someday. Most women love a broad chest and sturdy arms and shoulders that can shield them from everything.

5. If He Isn’t A Pushover


If some characteristic ought to be marked in red as a complete no-no, it’s this. No one enjoys being with a pushover. If you get trodden upon by friends and family alike, she’d be infuriated. All women want men who can think for themselves, who are not naïve, those who have well-defined fundamentals and can stand up for them, if and when the time comes. Do not let people take you for granted, this doesn’t mean that you have to pick fights or be aggressive, you just need to learn to voice your opinion in an assertive yet polite manner.

6. If He Has A Real Job


This is one of those tips that is rooted in sexism and will take some time to break out of the gender binary. Since women are seldom taught financial planning, despite steady jobs, they often look for structure outside of them. The pay-scale doesn’t matter, but a stable job does. They want someone who is passionate about his work and can shoulder equal responsibility at home.

7. If He Is Respected By Others And Is Respectful Towards Others


Being loved and respected by one and all is the most coveted quality. Her love for you is not just determined by your behaviour towards her, but how you are perceived by others. Your qualities shouldn’t be selectively exercised to swoon her, they should be practiced in your everyday life. You ought to be respectful towards elders and young ones alike. Your behaviour towards your juniors and subordinates speaks volumes about you. Be dignified in your conduct and treat everyone with the same chivalry.

8. If He Is Confident


It’s visible in your stride, in the way you shake someone’s hand, even in the way you say hello. Women love confident men, but confidence shouldn’t come at the cost of being cocky or rigid. One can be confident and receptive at the same time.

This is by no stretch of imagination an exhaustive list, every woman is different and would fall for different things, but you shouldn’t take this as a crash-course in wooing women. These are qualities that you should yearn to have irrespective of whether you’re courting someone or not.

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