9 Things You Can Relate To If You Are Super Lazy (And Proud Of It)

Written by Niharika Nayak

Many of us feel ashamed to associate the word laziness with ourselves due to the stigma attached to the word. There is nothing wrong with being a little lazy every now and then, but not at the cost of hampering productivity. However, many also believe that laziness is a sign of intelligence. Lazy people don’t work hard, they work smart, and you’ve probably figured out twenty tricks to make your life easier! Of course, we are not saying that everyone should be lazy, but being lazy certainly does have its own sets of advantages. While most of our friends are too busy trying to keep up with the rat race, we feel perfectly content relaxing in our pajamas and doing a little more than the bare minimum. Of course, we know that we can conquer the whole world if we were to try, but the truth is, we’re just too lazy to strategize and get it done! So if you are lazy and aren’t ashamed to admit so, here are nine things you can definitely relate to:

1. You Live To Take Naps


Oversleeping? There is no such word in your personal dictionary! No matter how much sleep you get, you always end up wanting more. You have a toxic relationship with your sleep cycle, and at this point, you’ve accepted that as a part of your life. Your friends probably don’t believe you when you tell them that you can sleep through seven alarms. You probably risk your job every day for those extra twenty minutes of snoozing. No matter how early you go to sleep at night, if you are not a morning person, there is no way you are waking up at the first sound of your alarm.

2. Your Bed Is Your Soulmate


Your bed has been there for you when nobody else was! It caught your crumbs when you dropped some; it saved your laptop when you dropped water on it. The list goes on… You probably spend 80% of your time or more lounging on your bed. As much as you live for your bed, you detest the idea of making it! Folding your bedsheets is such a dull task, especially when you know that you are going to sleep in your bed anyway later in the night!

3. Auto-complete Is Your Best Friend


Who even has the energy to finish typing out an entire word, right? You probably rely on auto-correct, spellcheck and autocomplete to write everything from text messages to work emails. Just be careful to proofread while using these services. You don’t want to accidentally address an email to your boss with “My darling” now, do you?

4. “Work Out? Maybe Tomorrow…”


100 new year resolutions later, we think you should accept the fact that working out is never going to be the cool trend for you. You will never understand how people use exercise to de-stress. The only exercise you probably indulge in is stretching to reach your TV remote, walking to the kitchen, and bending to do your laundry. When something is not in your range, you’ll stretch to the point where you may almost fall and injure yourself. But hey, we don’t blame you. Working out can be more of a headache than fitness lovers may think!

5. You Tend To Repeat Clothes


Pre-planning outfits, waking up, and making an effort to dress up is such an irritating thing to deal with. You would rather just grab whatever clothes are on top of your washed pile or at the top of your closet and wear that. You will never understand how people who come to work dressed up have the enthusiasm and the energy to do so. Leggings and a loose t-shirt are probably your favorite combination. Not to forget your favorite hoodie.

6. You Absolutely HATE Doing The Dishes


You already hate getting out of your bed and prefer doing everything in bed. But if there is one thing that you absolutely detest as a lazy person, it’s doing your dishes. You’re so lazy that you don’t mind eating out of the pan and feel like there will be one less dish to wash if you do. But that’s not all! You’re probably the type of person who would prefer leaving your empty plate on your bedside table because getting up and keeping it back in your kitchen is too much of a hassle. Psst! Gift yourself a dishwasher on your birthday.

7. “Plans After Work? No Thanks!”


When everyone else wants to go out after work, you want to stay at home and just relax. Your bed starts appearing in your office daydreams well before you even hit lunchtime. The thought of getting home and sleeping in your comfortable bed probably makes you feel over the moon, we bet! You’re also someone who tends to cancel plans. Even if you don’t cancel plans, you feel extra happy when others decide to cancel plans. In the end, getting out of your home is the biggest challenge for you, and you would rather spend your time in bed, binging your favorite show.

8. Reading Long Articles Is Too Much Work


Who has time to sit and spend 10 minutes or more reading and analyzing an article? Even if it’s an interesting video, you would rather not spend your time watching it because it is too lengthy. It’s not that you have something against people who write long articles. It’s just that you prefer not spending too much time on it. True millennial and Gen Z behavior!

9. You Try To Train Your Pet To Fetch The Remote


Yes, even if this pet is a cat! What use is a pet if it cannot learn to fetch and make your life easier? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to train both your cats and your dogs to fetch, catch mice, eat your leftovers (we’re kidding, please give them regular animal food), etc. All you need is a little bit of patience and perseverance. But if you are truly a lazy person, then these two words cannot be identified in your dictionary. But on a positive note, you have a smart pet to show off!

There is nothing wrong with being lazy. As long as you are a fully functional adult being and handle all your chores and responsibilities (or pay others to do so), nothing else matters. It’s time to shake off that stigma and cut yourself some slack for being lazy, as there are some other special qualities in you because of it. Do let us know all of your thoughts on the matter in the comment section below!

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